Crathco I-PRO

Genuine OEM Parts for SPM I-PRO frozen beverage dispensers.  Models include I-PRO 2 M, I-PRO 2 E, I-PRO 3 M and I-PRO 3 E.  Letter M and E in the model number represents Mechanical (M) with physical On-Off buttons to operate the machine.  Letter (E) represents Electronic with electronic touch pad screen on the side of the machine to operate the equipment.  Gear motor along with power board is different M and E models.  Body parts such as handles, transparent bowl/container and gaskets remain the same.

Frequently ordered parts include bowl gasket, faucet piston, clear bowl, gear motor, handle and more.  Model number is printed on the sticker located behind the drip tray.  Please call us if you are unable to find the model number as some parts are not interchangeable.

CLICK HERE to view the operator manual for I-PRO model.  It includes proper maintenance instructions and troubleshooting steps.

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