Jura Membrane Regulator with O-Ring


Jura Membrane Regulator

Pressure regulator. Includes 2 black o-rings to seal the PTFE tube connection and the other that is seated inside the water pump outlet. This is the frequently replaced item in all Jura machines.

Please note the old membrane regulator is made of light yellow color plastic.  The new regulator is made of black ABS plastic. It serves the same function, and change in color is irrelevant.

Replacing the membrane regulator does NOT always fix the SYSTEM FILL error.  There are many parts that could cause SYSTEM FILL error.  It could be the Multi-way valve, Pump, Dispensing Valve, or Thermoblock.  Isolate the cause of SYSTEM FILL to the component before ordering the part.

Compatible Models

C5, C9

E9, E50, E80, E85,

F9, F50, F60,

C1300, C1500, C3000,

S7, S9, S90, S95

X70, X90,

ENA 3, ENA 4, ENA 5, ENA 9.

Jura Error Code


Jura Membrane Regulator Replacement Video Tutorial

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