Jura Brew Unit, Complete, GIGA 5, W3, X7


Jura GIGA 5, GIGA W3, GIGA X7 Brewing Unit

Jura brewing unit, complete assembled brew unit including drainage valve.  If you have not replaced the brew unit in the last 5 years, it is recommended to install a new one.  Rebuild the old one using a brew unit tune up kit and keep that as a back up, if you like.  Rebuilding the old brew unit can take up to 2 hours or more.  In most cases, it will need to be re-done as most end users fail to assembly it properly the first time.

Plug and play installation in 30 minutes or less.  Remove the 2 T20 size Torx screws and one T15 size Torx screw from the brew unit housing.  Slide off the silicone hose from the top of the brew unit.  Remove the old brew unit and install the new one.

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