Jura Steam Solenoid Valve 120V


Jura Steam Solenoid Valve 120V C9, F9, ENA 9, GIGA 5, GIGA X7, GIGA W3, S7 Avantgarde, S9 Avantgarde

2 way solenoid valve, 120V, to control steam. The weak steam flow could be due to leaking solenoid valve. The solenoid valve plunger gets corroded with scale in water and would not open.

Older F9 model uses legris PTFE tube connectors.  If so, you will need to replace the PTFE tubes as well.

Elbow connector for use in Jura F9 is sold separately.

Jura Impressa Replacement Parts for the following models

C9 - F9 - ENA 9 - GIGA 5 - GIGA X7 - GIGA W3 - S7 Avantgarde - S9 Avantgarde

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