Jura Thermoblock 120V-1200W for Coffee-Hot Water


Jura Thermoblock 120V 1200W

Main thermoblock, with legris connectors. This thermoblock is used in Jura machines that are sold in North America. In stock while supplies last.

Common Malfunctions includes no hot water or coffee from the coffee outlet when the coffee or hot water button is pressed. Check the water outlet PTFE tube from the thermoblock to the ceramic/multiway valve to the front of the machine. Ensure, the tube is not clogged.

Thermoblock may also display white calcium deposits around it. That signifies leaking thermoblock, and should be replaced before it causes damage to other electrical components.

Suitable for the following Jura Impressa Models:

S7 - S8 - S9 - S90 - S95

X70 - X90

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