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       Zumoval juice machines


We ship Zumoval machines worldwide

 Compact - highly visual - simple to operate  - Live action

 fresh and healthy Orange juice squeezing machines

 Highly profitable investment for any business

At the push of a button, the juicer will squeeze 28 to 40 oranges per minute

 Use fruit close to a sphere shape & diameter between 60-80 mm (2.36"-3.15")

 Zumoval model Big Basic, especially designed for Grapefruit diameter between 70-95 mm (2.75"-3.94")

Visual display of slicing and squeezing action through transparent cover increases impulse buying for higher sales. The machines require no routine maintenance other than regular cleaning during idle hours and at the end of the day.

The Oranges slide into the crushing wheel. The upper two wheels(the female squeezers) turn towards each other in the center carrying the fruit over the cutter blade in the middle. The fruit gets sliced in two half sections. As the female squeezing wheels turn further the lower pins (male squeezers are turning in the opposite direction (away from each other toward the outside). The male squeezers crush the half sliced fruit to take the juice out. The squeezed peels are discarded and collect on two sides to accumulate in large size waste buckets.






 Zumoval catalogue

 Manual in English

Parts diagram English

Manual in Spanish 

Parts diagram Spanish 

 Table model


 Table model

basic cb.png

Table model 

zumoval top bc-.jpg

 zumoval master cont.50.jpg


 Zumoval Big Basic

 Zumoval Basic 120/220V

Zumoval 'Top' Model 120/220V 

 Zumoval Master

 Zumoval model Frigomaster

The squeezing components of the Zumoval machines are designed to yield the maximum possible quantity of juice from the Orange without affecting its taste or quality. Here are few pictures of the squeezing mechanism:

crushing wheel close up 50.jpg

crush mechanism 50.jpg

lemon feed shoot close up.jpg

 Round feeding and slicing wheels- Turn counterclockwise

 Lower crushing pins-Turn clockwise to squeeze juice

 Fruit slides in via feed shoot as wheel moving clockwise runs it over the knife for slicing

Cleaning: The machine should be cleaned once every day. The innovative Optional rinsing feature is available for convenient automatic timed flushing during the idle period of the day. This feature also makes cleaning at the end of the day very easy and fast. For end of the day cleaning the components can be dismantled easily without dirt traps.

Warranty: All Zumoval machines are designed better than its nearest competitor, priced lower and after sales service is far better than its competitors. 
If you have a Zumex machine that is idle due to non availability of parts or due to lack of service and customer care, it can be traded in for a new Zumoval. For details please call Edward toll free at 215-361-7000

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