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       Zumoval Master Juice machine
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Zumoval Juice squeezing machines offer state of the art squeezing mechanism designed for squeezing Citrus fruit without pressing the peel. Visual merchandising display of the live slicing & squeezing of the fruit increases sales at any location. The squeezing mechanism is much improved over its competition models Zumex. Zumoval has less parts breakage. The operating cost is low.

Please send your inquiry with contact address to Edward at granita@rcn.com or call 215-361-7000

Zumoval Master has same features and dimensions are the Frigo Master model except for the lack of Refrigerated juice dispenser. Instead, this model has a 1-1.2 gallon tank with spout for dispensing. 



Reducer motor 0.75 H.P. 

Electric Consumption 4.9 Amps 
Electric protection  Overloading & temperature 
Safety device  Automatic disconnection switches 
Output  45 Oranges per minute 
Size of fruit  2.36" - 3.15" (60 mm - 80 mm) 
Peel bucket capacity  33-lbs. or 15 Kg. 
Capacity of top feeder tray  40-lbs. (18 Kg.) of Oranges  
Cooling dispenser container size  1.84 gal. (7-liters) 
Weight  251-lbs. (114 Kg.)  
Cabinet   Stainless steel 
Optional feature-1 = Orange counter   
Optional feature-2 = Automatic shower

to flush during idle hours.  

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zumoval master parts cabinet & juice container.jpg

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