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       Zumex Trade-in offer

 Trade in your Bad Zumex machine

 for a new Lemonsprint or Zumoval juicer

We ship Lemonsprint & Zumoval juicers worldwide 

There are more than one reasons why a Zumex juice machine should be traded in for a New Zumoval Citrus juice machine. Consider the following:

1- Zumoval juice machines are designed better and have low maintenance cost than Zumex.

2- Zumoval  machines are less expensive than Zumex.

3- Zumoval parts and technical support is available easily and quickly. Qualified Tech support is available 24/7 via Phone & e-mail.

You will be glad that you dumped your Zumex machine.

We accept any model of Zumex. Machine must be clean and fastened on a skid for transport. We need  front and back pictures of the machine. The machine should be placed on a skid, strapped securely and ready for piack up from any location in USA. Minimum payment adjustment for old Zumex will be following: 

For old Z-100 adjust $300.00  

For old Z-200 adjust $450.00   

For old Z32 adjust $650.00

For old Z-38 adjust $900.00

The following Trade in options are available:

Counter top model basic big bc.png

Counter top modelbasic cb.png

 Park anywhere. Operate without Electric  outdoor juice cart1.jpg

zumoval top bc-.jpg  zumoval master cont.50.jpg

 zumoval frigomaster 2.jpg

Zumoval Big Basic  Zumoval Basic

Mobile juice station 

 Zumoval  'TOP'



Regular: US$4950.00

 Regular: US$4950.00

Call for prices

Price $5600.00 

 Price $6200


Price of Zumoval machine includes one-year warranty for labor and 2-year warranty for Electrical parts. Parts availability is guaranteed.

Call us for selection of the best Zumoval juice machine suitable for your location. Leasing is available through our recommended Leasing companies.

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