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Zumex Model  Z-200

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 Zumex Z-100

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 Zumex Z-38

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 Z-200 parts manual

Parts diagram Z-100/Z-200

 Parts in pictures


The Model Z-250


Production: 22 Fruits Per Minute.
Feeder Capacity:
22 Lbs

Maximum Fruit Diameter: 3"
Height: 33.46"
Width: 18.5"
Depth: 21.65"
Weight: 119 Lbs.
Motor: Single Phase 0,4 Amps.
Energy Consumption: 0,3 Kw.
Voltage: 115 V/60 Hz., 8 Amps.
Safety: Cut-out Switch And Against Blocked Motor.    



Z-200 Digital 

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zumex z-200 parts diagram.jpg

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 13.150.001 Plastic blade support   zumex plastic blade all models.png Add to Cart
 13.230.000 Cover fixing knobs (Set of 4) Z-32 and /Z38

 cover fixing knobs another 13.230.000.png

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 13.241.000  Articulation pin for feeder gear box

articulation shaft-2.png

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 140.0201.035   6007 2RS bearing (pair) 2rs bearings-2.png  Add to Cart
 200.3306.001  Knobs for pressing wheels

knobs for door & crushing wheels.png

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 210.3302.001  Gear drive for (Z32 & Z-38)   210.3302.001drive gear z-32 & z-38.png  Add to Cart
 225.3301.000  Peel ejector right (pair) 225.3302.000 zumex right peel ejector.png Add to Cart 
 225.3302.000  Peel ejector left (pair) zumex left peel ejector pair.png Add to Cart
 Z-002248 Shoot for peel drop (Z-32 & Z-38)

shoot for peel.png 

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