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Orders from outside of USA 

Please e-mail list of of items with the following information:

 1- Name, address and contact phone number of buyer
 2- Details of dispenser or part, giving name, model & part number
 3- e-mail a picture of the part, if the model, part number or description is not known.
      Our e-mail address is granita@rcn.com
 4- Electric current used 120V or 230V; 50 or 60 HZ.

First option: Customers residing in UK, Europe, Canada, and Australia can order parts from the following online store, especially designed for accepting payment using PayPal or Credit cards. A limited selection of parts is listed on two pages of the following page link:


If a specific part is not listed, please e-mail the details of the part or parts and quantities required. We will confirm availability of the part and e-mail to you the link to the page on the above web site. Using that link, you can order the parts online. The total cost of merchandise ordered will include the shipping charges. The total amount will not include local taxes or custom duties in the destination country.


Second option: E-mail to us the list of part or parts you wish to order. We will e-mail to you a Proforma invoice including the shipping charges. You can then arrange payment, using PayPal or Credit cards.

Payment: We accept payment through PayPal or by Visa and Master Credit cards. We do not accept payment by Amercian Express.  Maximum limit of orders on Credit cards is US$500.00. Payments exceeding US$500.00 can be made via wire transfer into our Bank. We will notify the Bank details in our Proforma invoice. The currency exchange rates are applied by PayPal and Credit card gateways who process payments. We have no control over fluctuation in exchange rates. 

Credit card payments can be made via e-mail by splitting the credit card information in three separate e-mails. 1st e-mail with the first 12 digits of the card number. 2nd e-mail with last four digits and expiration date. 3rd e-mail with security pin number and the name of the card holder. Credit card information should include ship to and bill to addresses, if the two addresses are different.

To pay by PayPal, log on to PayPal web site www.paypal.com. Click on "send money online" link. Fill in our e-mail granita@rcn.com for "Send money to." Enter the amount and the purpose why money is being sent. E-mail to us the Transaction ID number to track the payment and arrange shipment of merchandise. PayPal payments are delayed up to 15 days when ship to address is different from the billing address. PayPal will authenticate the remittance to prevent un-authorized use.

Shipping method: We prefer to use TNT Courier service. The International Airmail parcel service is without any tracking back up. We will ship items using Postal service but do not accept responsibility for delays, damage or lost packages. We cannot follow up postal service delays or follow up claims process as laid down by postal insurance policy.

We cannot process or follow up claims for damage or loss in shipping. We will provide all information that may help buyers process claims and follow up direct with Couriers.  

 Services Unlimited, Inc./ Parts Guru

Dealers for dispensers and parts

 Astra, Astoria, Gaggia, LaPavoni, Saeco, Ugolini, UNIC, Maver, Capo,  Bunnomatic, Cecilware, Crathco, Grindmaster, Wilch, CAB, Faby, Elmeco, GBG, and Friul, fruit and citrus juicers.

 650 North Cannon Avenue, Lansdale, PA 19446

 Phone: 215-361-7000; Fax: 215-361-7434; e-mail: granita@rcn.com

 Information web site: www.partsguru.com




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