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Spidem's Villa 120V 950W fully  automatic model in black color is a

 redesigned Vienna with J-boiler, a new touch pad, and a drip tray.

The drip tray is cut out to accommodate a taller cup.

Internal parts are interchangeable with Vienna model.

            villa black tn.jpg

 file_image.cmp  Villa Sales features

 file_image.cmp  Exploded Diagram Villa

 file_image.cmp    Safe Descaling Guide

 file_image.cmp  Espresso DOs & DON'Ts

ccoffeecup1.cm2  About Espresso

Espresso trade in

 Services Unlimited, Inc./Parts Guru

Saeco Authorized Dealer for Espresso Machines, Parts & Repairs

Phone: (215) 361-7000

 E-mail: granita@rcn.com

 MOBISPRESSO - a convenient, portable, easy to use, hand-held espresso maker for everyone in every household! A reliable companion for frequent travellers.


 More Information on Mobispresso


vork18 kit insert.png

vienna 10-pc. steam valve kit.png

bgm-5 - saeco 5-pc. brew group maint kit tn.jpg

accessories kit for sa espresso machines1.png

bgm-12 maint. kit red.1.jpg

VORK18 - Vienna Tune Up Gasket Kit

34-K12DL - Vienna 10-pc. Steam Valve Kit

 BGMK5 - 5-pc. Brew Group Maintenance Kit

 22889900 - Saeco Accessories Kit 

BGM12DC - 12-pc. Brew Group Maintenance Kit






eps20 frothing pitchers  18-8 ss 20-oz.1.jpg 



best descaler dsc-6-2.jpg

ccl pack of 2.jpg

frothing thermometer.jpeg

EP20 - Steaming Picther 20 oz.

 12MPF -  Pitcher for PERFECT Microfoam

EC32 - Espresso Cups (Pair)

 DSC6x2 - Descaler

 CCL - Coffee Cleaning Liquid 

  THFR17 - Frothing Thermometer







  1277916671972-4007651001.jpeg            12833597007571690881935.jpeg  product_1070_lg.jpg  product_795_lg.jpg   1282659339233396953065.jpeg

 0301.048.150 - Saeco Swivel Base

 9011149 - Steam Tube with O-Ring

 0311.022.490/3 - Vienna Espresso Faucet Assembly

 0311.A05.230 - Vienna Water Tank; No Level Float

 0324.005.580 - Vienna Water Tank Cover (Silver)

     untitled.png      untitled.png        untitled.png      untitled.png      untitled.png

    1195593502904208191140.jpeg  11608528917021708840999.jpeg  11591410456641660823611.jpeg       product_279_lg.jpg  11717916271371581579674.jpeg

 282128455 - New Compressed Boiler Assy. 120V

 286473555 - J-Boiler Complete Assy. 120V

 286891358 - Saeco Brew Drive Motor 33V DC

 9160.027.150 - Brew Group Vienna/Trevi Models

 9121.068.150 - Saeco Brew Drive Gears

     untitled.png      untitled.png        untitled.png     untitled.png      untitled.png

 gce123 guru's choice espresso.jpg

caffe bella medium roast espresso beans1.png 



 Guru's Choice (12 oz. bag): 95% Arabica blend, medium roast, non-oily espresso beans. Buy three bags, get one free. Free shipping in the USA.

Caffe Bella (2.2 lbs. bag): 100% Arabica blend. Free shipping in the USA.

 Sampler Pack: includes one 2.2 lbs. bag of Caffe Bella and two 12 oz. bags of Guru's Choice espresso beans. Free shipping in the USA.

Caffe Bella (Six 2.2 lbs. bag): 100% Arabica blend, buy six bags and get one free. Free shipping in the USA. 





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