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UNIC parts in pictures  
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Quick selection of parts

000_0663.png 2-cup portafilter.jpg 23100 filter screen body assy.png do-197 lind filter diva handle.jpg

#6786 Filter holder Phoenix $145.00

#33132 2-cup Filter holder Rumba/Diva/DivaPro $129.00

Group Sol. filter body assy $28.00

DO-197 - Back flush Discs 53mm Pair $12.00

45004 phoenix box d0 110v.jpg 45005=phoenix box d1 type 110v.jpg 45022 electronic box 220v diva pro & rumba.jpg

 45004=Diva Pro Electr. box d0 110V 45020=Diva Pro d0 220V  

45005=UNIC Diva Pro Elect.d1 box 110V 45021=UNIC Diva Pro Electr.d1 box220V

45022= UNIC Electronic doser d2 type 220V $495.00

dv-61 unic pfoenix coffee dosing box.png electronic autofill box 110v.png unic pro control box.png dv-69 cup selection sticker for dv-61x.png

DV-03X= Diva Coffee elect. box 110 or 220V  DV-03AX = Phoenix Electr. box 110V/220V $330.00

 DV-02XN= Level 220V for Phoenix & Diva models $330.00

45005/d1=  Diva Pro Elect.Control box 220V  $495.00 

 DV-69 UNIC Phoenix 3-cup selection sticker

2-cup filter kit.png 2-pc kit for phoenix brew group.jpg 4-pc kit for phoenix brew group.png pck-13 pony conversion kit -.png id-116 unic phoneix conversion kit.png

MI-107 Diva Group 3-Pc. Kit 

 Phoenix 2-Pc. Kit

PXG-K4 - Phoenix Group 4-Pc. Kit 

PCK13- Pony conversion kit Pod to ground coffee 

ID-116 Conversion kit Phoenix to Diva $295.00

do-191 unic h.p.valve.jpg

37255 unic pump motor  110v.jpg

img300 pressurstat.jpg

steam valve assy unic-xi.png

 DO-191 UNIC H.P.Valve

#37255 Pump Motor 110V or 220V

UNIC  Pressurestat 

 RO-44A NIC-XI Steam/Hot water Valve

dv-66 oscillating pump 110v.png

pi-53n unic  pump + coupling.png

 hal effect sensor & parts.jpg cn-648 flowmeter tn.jpg

 DV-66B UNIC Oscillating Pump with thermofuse 110V 1/8"FF

UNIC Rotary pump with dented coupling

DO-52 UNIC XI Halo sensor assy.

CN-648 Flow meter 

unic thermofuse.png

unic pressure gauge top view tn.jpg

unic switches another view.png unic-xi lever steam-hot water arm.png

UNIC Reset Thermostat

 ID-82E UNIC Dual Manometer

UNIC Switches ON-OFF; Steam; Hot water 

UNIC XI  Steam Valve Arm

 unic heating element 1500 watts 120vtn.jpg unic heating element 2700 watts 220 v red..jpg  unic heating element 4300 watts 220 v red..jpg

 Heating element 120V 1500

Heating element 220V 2700

Heating element 220V 4300 Watts

More UNIC parts

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