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UNIC Rumba Espresso machine

Online parts store

e-mail inquiries to granita@rcn.com

UNIC - The Best designed and dependable espresso machines in the World.






Single Rumba  Installation check list

Twin Rumba Installation check list 

 Tri Rumba installation check list

Rumba 1Gr. instructions manual

Programing Rumba & Diva Pro






 UNIC group diagram

Group filter & jet system

UNIC 2-group  hydraulic pipes system  

UNIC filter holders

 UNIC water pump and Motor connection






DCA Dual chamber adapter for ESE pods

Steam air instructions

Rumba/Diva Pro Wiring 2Gr

Rumba wiring diag. 3Gr.

 Wiring electronic control boxes

 Experience & own a Thoroughbred in espresso service with convenience for a perfect espresso.

 Good looks with powerful performance backed by superior & fast after-sale service.

 Best after sale service like no other. Parts available easily. 

rumba -1 red..jpg



 Twin Rumba

 The World's best espresso machines. One group or 2-group

 E-mail inquiries for purchase

 Price includes delivery and installation. Warranty-Two year electrical parts and labor, with recommended maintenance

Features of Rumba espresso

 Double cup warmer

Water level control with alarm & safety cut-off
 High capacity boiler with pressure control Overheating safety cut-off thermostat
 Rotary pump and over-sized pump motor Thermo regulated group heads
 Steam boiler safety valve Expansion valve on internal boilers
 Anti-vacuum valve Twin scale gauge
 Auto diagnosis display Digital programming of all dosages
 Integrated timer as standard Knob free dispensing of water & steam 

Optional Dual chamber adapter for Coffee pod use. A UNIC patented system for

Rumba. As efficient as it is convenient for high volume locations

                           UNIC online parts store

Click here for  Diva Pro, & Phoenix-R pages


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Guru's Choice 95% Arabica blend med. roast. Buy 3 get one free. Free shipping in USA

Caffe Bella 100% Arabica blend med roast. 2.2lb. free shipping in USA

Sampler Caffe Bella one bag + 2 bags Guru's Choice Med. roast free shipping in USA

Caffe Bella 100% Arabica blend med. roast 2.2lb.Buy 6 get one free. Free shipping in USA

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