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UNIC Pony Espresso machine

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 Stella Italian Coffee Group

 Pony with Pod Group

The PONY ESPRESSO is a machine dedicated to coffee pod use.          

UNIC Stella is equipped with ground coffee group head. Click here for details 

Price for Pony $1776.00 Price includes one year warranty for electrical parts and labor with recommended maintenance.  UNIC Online store

Conceived with small non-catering businesses in mind, Pony is equipped with two independent boilers, each with separate temperature control, front mounted electronic dosage programming, a range of safety features and a cappuccinatore system. With a 3-liter water tank it offers the pour over convenience without need for waterline hook up.
The machine also benefits from the patented rotating filter-holder system that ejects the pod after use and so avoids time wasting and hassle. Easy access and cleaning compared to other existing systems, guarantee reliability and longevity.

A perfect espresso is assured thanks to the pre-infusion chamber and piston that completely cover the coffee pod (dry residue extraction rate: 27%). Using its powerful steam jet and cappuccinatore, the PONY ESPRESSO machine makes excellent cappuccinos as good as any traditional espresso machines.

An optional kit for conversion to use of ground coffee is available. It can be easily converted into a ground coffee 1 and 2 cups filter system.

 Pony Pod Espresso Pour over

 Stella Italian espresso pour over 


 10.5" W x 15.75"D and 15.5" H 

 10.5" W x 15.5" D x 14" H





110V  60H  1350 Watts    

110V  60H   1950 Watts

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