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UNIC Phoenix Parts

Online parts store

e-mail inquiries to granita@rcn.com


 UNIC machines are amongst the best designed in every way. Elegant, reliable and simple to operate.

Best after sales service & availability of parts, like no other Italian or Swiss  manufacturer's can offer.

 Diva and Diva Pro, Phoenix and Phoenix Pro models have been improved with new features

CLICK HERE for Information on new models Rumba, and models  UNIC-Zi and Phoenix-R

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       Phoenix group diagram

   UNIC Internal tubes

UNIC water feed diagram

UNIC twin wiring diagram


Phoenix Pre Pro Manual & Parts  diagrams (Pre 1997 models)

dv-61 unic pfoenix coffee dosing box.png

electronic autofill box 110v1.png

electronic autofill box 110v1.png

id-116 unic conversion kit.jpg

DV-03X 18V UNIC Dosing box - Pre 1997 models 

UNIC DV-042X Electronic Fill box 110V - Pre 1997 models 

DV-02XN 220V(1997 & later  

ID-116 Conversion kit Phx. to Diva  

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4-pc kit for phoenix brew group.png

0197a blind filters phx pod handle1.png

group gasket & screen for phoenix group.jpg

37255 unic pump motor  110v.jpg

 PXG-4K Phoenix Pod Group 4-Piece Kit for

 DO-0197 Backflush Discs. 57mm

 2-pc. kit PHX 083500 Screen & CN3504 Gasket  #37255 Pump Motor 110V

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 or 220V

teflon steam arm.jpg

dv-174 unic power on-off switch.png

 dv-175 unic element switch front & rear view.png

unic steam & hot water swicth push type.png

unic rumba steam switch.png

 RO-62    Teflon steamer

 DV-174 Heat switch DIVA/PHX 5-pin

 DV-175 Power switch DIVA/PHX 5-pin

 UNIC MI-8  push type

 Rumba steam switch

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flexible steel hose 0.25 inch ff.jpg.png

h.p. safety valve.jpg2.jpg

unic do-191 hp.valve another view.jpg

cn-648 flowmeter tn.jpg

unic pressure gauge top view tn1.jpg

C334 - Flexible hose 1/8" FF

 H.P. safety valve  3/8" M

DO-191 HP safety Water valve

 UNIC CN-648 Dosing device

 ID-82E UNIC Dual gauge

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dv-66b unic oscillating pump 220v.jpg

dv-66 oscillating pump 110v.png

img300 pressurstat.jpg

 cn-245g 2-way sol. valve 120v.jpg

2-way sol. valve 120v.png

mg-006  2-way sol.valve 1-8th inch 115v.jpg

 UNIC Oscillating Pump 220V

 UNIC Oscillating Pump 110V 

 UNIC- PS-20 Pressure switch UL

 CN-245G Two way solenoid valve 110V

 CN-245C 220V Steam/Hot water valve

2-way solenoid 1/8"

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water inlet body.png


steam tube boiler to gauge-25.jpg

unic thermofuse.png

pre 1990 gaggia 3-way solenoid valve 120v.jpg 

brew group 3-way solenoid1.png

 CN-898 UNIC Fitting-T 1-gr. 

 CN-633 UNIC check valve with fitting

3226 - Pressure Gauge tube assy 

34202 - UNIC Thermostat 160C

 PI-45/120V 3-way group solenoid valve

Group solenoid valve 220V


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unic heating element 1500 watts 120vtn.jpg unic heating element 2700 watts 220 v tn.jpg unic heating element 1500 watts 120v.png

6786 Phoenix Pod Portafilter  Add to cart

 Heating element 120V 1500 Watts 

Heating element 220V 2700 Watts

Heating element 220V 4300 Watts 

UNIC parts Store



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