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For identification of the model refer details on the page "About UNIC Espresso

 Please select parts carefully with correct Voltage. Electronic parts sale is final.

 dv-61 unic pfoenix coffee dosing box.png

electronic autofill box 110v.png

 electronic autofill box 110v.png

dv-69 cup selection sticker for dv-61x.png

DV-61 / DV-03X=  Elect. box  = Phoenix or Diva pre-1997 18V

DV-42X= Elect. fill box 110V (Pre 1997) Phoenix & Diva models

 DV-02XN= Elect. fill box 220V (Pre 1997) Phoenix & Diva models

 DV-69 UNIC Phoenix 3-cup selection sticker

2-cup filter kit.png

cn-648 flowmeter tn.jpg

pck-13 pony conversion kit -.png

unic pressure gauge top view tn1.jpg

id-116 unic phoneix conversion kit.png

MI-107 Diva Group 3-Pc. Kit 

   CN-648 Dosing device Add to cart

PCK13- Pony conversion kit Pod to ground coffee 

  ID-82E UNIC Dual gauge Add to cart  

ID-116 Conversion kit Phoenix to Diva

cn-633 one way valve.jpg

water inlet body.png steam tube boiler to gauge-25.jpg

hp valve do-191.png

23100 filter screen body assy.png

       CN-633 UNIC check  valve with fitting Add to cart

  CN-898  Fitting -T 1-gr. Add to cart

    Pressure Gauge tube assy Add to cart 

    DO-191 OVP  valve  Add to cart

UNIC 23100 3-pc.   Group filter   Add to cart 

teflon steam arm.jpg

unic thermofuse.png

37255 unic pump motor  110v.jpg

img300 pressurstat.jpg

unic switches another view.png

      RO-62 Teflon steamer Add to cart

UNIC Reset Thermostat

#37255 Pump Motor 110V or 220V

UNIC  Pressurestat 

UNIC Switches ON-OFF; Steam; Hot water 

33132- unic 1-cup portafilter for diva, rumba.jpg

2-cup portafilter.png

unic heating element 1500 watts 120vtn.jpg

unic heating element 2700 watts 220 v tn.jpg

unic heating element 1500 watts 120v.png

33131 Portafilter one  cup Add to cart

   33132 Portafilter 2-cup   Add to cart

 Heating element 120V 1500 Watts

Heating element 220V 2700 Watts

Heating element 220V 4300 Watts

More UNIC Diva Pro parts   

Online store 


 file_image.cmp  Phoenix Pre Pro Manual & Parts  diagrams

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