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UNIC Parts-3

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We sell UNIC Rumba, Pony, Stella and Tango espresso machines.

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dv-66b unic oscillating pump 220v.jpg

dv-66 oscillating pump 110v.png

img300 pressurstat.jpg

mi-8 unic switche another view.jpg

unic diva 2-cup filter basket1.png

UNIC Oscillating Pump 220V   $115.00         Add to cart

UNIC Oscillating Pump 110V   $115.00          Add to cart

 UNIC- PS-20 Pressure switch UL  $120.00 Add to cart

 UNIC MI-8  Switch $38.00     Add to cart

 UNIC 3-cup filter  for Diva/Xi/  Rumba $18.00     Add to cart 

dv-61 unic pfoenix coffee dosing box.png

electronic autofill box 110v1.png

water inlet body.png

23100 filter screen body assy.png

UNIC Dosing box DV-03X 18V Electronic doing Box $330.00 Add to cart

 UNIC DV-042X Electronic Fill box 110V $230.00 Add to cart

CN-898 UNIC Fitting-T 1-gr. $45.00   Add to cart

UNIC 23100 Group filter 3-pc. Kit $18.00 Add to cart

cn-633 one way valve.jpg

id-116 unic conversion kit.jpg steam tube boiler to gauge-25.jpg

cn-648 flowmeter tn.jpg


unic pressure gauge top view tn1.jpg

CN-633 UNIC check valve with fitting $28.00    Add to cart

ID-116 UNIC conversion kit   $295.00                Add to cart   

 Pressure Gauge tube assy $45.00  Add to cart 

UNIC CN-648 Dosing device $145.00             Add to cart


ID-82E UNIC Dual gauge $85.00     Add to cart  

33132- unic 1-cup portafilter for diva, rumba.jpg

2-cup portafilter.png


teflon steam arm.jpg

33131 UNIC Portafilter one cup for Diva/Rumba   $129.00  Add to cart

 33132 UNIC Portafilter Diva/Diva Pro & Rumba $129.00 Add to cart

6786 Phoenix single Pod filter $145.00 Add to cart

RO-62 Teflon steamer complete $120      Add to cart

 unic 3-way group solenoid.jpg

unic 3-way group solenoid.jpg

cn-245g 2-way steam valve 110v.jpg

cn-245g 2-way steam valve 110v.jpg

unic 2-cup filter kit.jpg

id-103 shower screen kit.jpg

 PI-45/120 UNIC  Group solenoid 120V $78.00      Add to cart

PI-45/220 UNIC Group solenoid 220V $78.00 Add to cart

 G245 UNIC 2-way Steam Elektro valve 220V $78.00

CN-245G UNIC 2-way Steam Elektrovalve 110V $78.00

UNIC MI-107/3 Filter Cup 3-pc.Kit $21.00 Add to cart

UNIC Diva ID-103/3    3-pc.Kit $18.00  Add to cart 


0197a blind filters phx pod handle1.png

do-197 backflush disc 38mm poenix.jpg

do-191 unic h.p.valve.jpg

h.p. safety valve.jpg2.jpg

steam valve assy unic-xi.png

PXG-K4 Phoenix 4-Pc Brew head  Kit $28.00   Add to cart

DO-0197 Diva Backflush Discs. 57mm $15.00 (pair)   Add to cart 

DO-197A Phoenix Backflush Disc 38mm  $15.00 (pair) Add to cart

valve for water line
$65 Add to cart

OPV valve  3/8" M $38.00 Add to cart

RO-44A UNIC valve Steam/ Water Unic Xi $142.00          Add to cart      

 pi-53n unic  pump + coupling.png

 unic auto frother.jpg

 unic heating element 1500 watts 120vtn.jpg unic heating element 2700 watts 220 v tn.jpg  unic heating element 1500 watts 120v.png

 UNIC PI-53N  Rotary pump $195    Add to cart

 DV-1011 UNIC milk frother $395 Add to cart

 Heating element 120V 1500 Watts $155.00

Heating element 220V 2700 Watts $175.00 

Heating element 220V 4300 Watts $248.00

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