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UNIC Espresso parts in Pictures

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 unic diva 2-cup filter basket.png  unic diva 1-cup filter basket.png

33132 - diva 2-cup portafilter tn.jpg

portafilter side view.png   
 PH-73 - UNIC 2-cup filter basket

PA-84 - UNIC Single cup filter basket (Deep)

33232 UNIC 2-cup Portafilter complete $129 Add to cart

33231 UNIC 1-cup Portafilter complete $129.00 Add to cart  


pi-53n unic  pump + coupling.png

unic switches another view.png

nsf steam nozzle.jpg

UNIC PI-53N  Rotary pump $195    Add to cart


RO-70+RO-72 Teflon Steam pipe $72.00  


 37255 unic pump motor  110v.jpg  45004 phoenix box d0 110v.jpg Img1178.png

45022 electronic box 220v diva pro & rumba.jpg


45004= Phoenix Electronic Box d0 type 110V 45020=Phoenix Electronic box d0 type 220V $495.00

 45007 = d3 110V  or    45023 = d3 220V  Diva Pro & Rumba $495.00

Diva Pro 45022 = Electronic box type d2 220V  $495.00

 pi-53n unic  pump + coupling.png 2-cup filter kit.png 45005=phoenix box d1 type 110v.jpg 45022 electronic box 220v diva pro & rumba.jpg

PI-53N - UNIC Rotary pump with coupling $

UNIC Diva Group Gasket 3-Pc. Kit

45005=Phoenix Electronic box d1 type 110V 45021=Phoenix Electronic box d1 type 220V $495.00

45006 Diva Pro Electronic control box type d2 110V $495.00





unic switches another view.png unic xi halo sensor parts.png unic diva 1-cup filter basket.png unic diva 2-cup filter basket.png

 UNIC  Switch DV-174(H.Element) ; DV-175(On-Off);       43405(Hot Water) & 43406(Steam)

UNIC Xi Halo Sensor DO-64(Connector); DO-52(Sensor); DO-1 (Sensor holder) 

PA-84 - UNIC Single cup filter basket (Deep)

 PH-73 - UNIC 2-cup filter basket

0197a blind filters phx pod handle.png phoenix pod filter cups.png unic diva shower screen.jpg unic-xi lever steam-hot water arm.png

 Back flush rubber discs

33402 - UNIC Phoenix pod filters $15.00 for pair

 ID-103 UNIC Diffusion Screen

 RR-77 UNIC Xi Steam & Hot Water Tap lever

 unic heating element 1500 watts 120vtn.jpg unic heating element 2700 watts 220 v tn.jpg  unic heating element 1500 watts 120v.png

 Heating element 120V 1500 Watts $155.00

Heating element 220V 2700 Watts $175.00 

Heating element 220V 4300 Watts $248.00

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