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UNIC Espresso Parts  
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All UNIC parts are included on this web site. 

We do not stock external body parts (side panels, top covers, drip trays etc.) These parts can be ordered for you when necessary.

If you are not sure about the model identification, please review the guidelines using the link: UNIC old modelsWe do not accept responsibility if a wrong part specification is given to us for shipping.

1- UNIC Diva Pro Parts - Traditional espresso machine Models made in 1997. Have one Electronic control box.

3- UNIC Diva Parts - Traditional Espresso machine Models made before 1997. Have two electronic boxes for each group. 

5- UNIC Phoenix Parts - Models with modified group head for use of Coffee Pods only.  Models with Doser device and without doser device.

6- UNIC Phoenix Pro Parts - Models introduced in 1997. One Electronic control box for each group. 

7- UNIC Xi Parts - Traditional Espresso machine with magnetic sensor activation, built into the portafilter handle.

8- UNIC Electrical Diagrams - Page with electrical diagrams only.

9- UNIC Tango - Superautomatic Machine and Parts

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