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UNIC Espresso Machines New Model Rumba

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Simple, Dependable & durable.

Diagrams are for use of qualified technicians. All others do so at their own risk.

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Parts for UNIC Diva 1997 or earlier models

& Diva Pro 1997 or later models

diva one group.png Img72.png  diva italian coffee kit.png  diva portafilter complete.png

 Diva Mono

 NSF Steam wand

Group head 

 Diva Portafilter

 diva elect boxes d2 & d3.png

unic diva inlet valve + dosing device1.png

      classic coffee parts.png

 Diva Control Boxes

 Water Dosing Device

 Boiler parts







unic diva inlet valve + dosing device.png



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