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Trevi Exclusive  
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Order me online  Just for $599.00

Look at me! I am Trevi Exclusive, from the fully automatic breed of Espresso machines.

I was born in Italy. I am friendly to use. I am programmed as a trained Barista. I Grind, tamp, pre-infuse and extract one or two shots of classic Espresso at the touch of a button. I am equipped with a Pannarello frother to make Cappuccino or Latte drinks, as you like. 

I need priming before warming up. After serving Espresso or Cappuccino, flush my Pannarello frother and rinse my brew group, drip tray and waste coffee box.. I am easy to maintain. 

I get sick only when mineral deposits, coffee oils accumulate in my system. These deposits really hurt me. To keep me fit see instructions under Espresso maintenance

Keep my brewing device (Brew group) clean. Use coffee cleaning liquid once a week as recommended under Cleaning supplies page of this site.

 My hydraulic system gets clogged with mineral deposits. That really hurts me. So please use an ounce of descaling chemical (See under cleaning suppies) every two monthsGive me free from minerals in water.

I am seeking adoption by coffee lovers.


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