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Solis Espresso

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Trade-in Option 

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Solis has wrapped up the espresso machine operation in USA. Solis no longer sells espresso machines. After sales support is no longer available.

gamea-revo-silver.jpg We recommend GAMEA Revo fully automatic and compact cappuccino machine with Touch Screen Technology.

Watch the GAMEA Revo Video and fall in love with the machine.

GAMEA Revo allows users to select the beverage, adjust coffee quantity, and brewing temperature, all through using icons on the touch screen.

GAMEA Revo is equipped with new style boiler with rapid steam, removable brew group, and uses 15% less parts than Saeco, Gaggia, Delonghi and Jura machines. It makes flavorful espresso's, foamy cappuccino's, latte macchiatto's, tea, and hot chocolate using touch sreen.

The machine grinds one cup at a time, compacts freshly ground coffee, pre-brews, and builds extraction pressure to 9-bars to fill espresso in the cup. Removable brew group is easy to remove for weekly cleaning and lubrication.

The adjustable built in conical burr grinder produces consistenly uniform ground coffee that in turn makes flavorful and aromatic espresso with rich golden crema. The easy access side service door simplifies general maintenance and cleaning.

You'll Love It - As Good As It Can Get

Order GAMEA Revo Cappuccino Maker

GAMEA Revo Features and Functions

  • Automatic Milk Frother/Cappuccinatore that operates continuously for 30 seconds
  • Rinse cycle for cleaning and descaling function
  • Cup Height: 4.24 inches
  • Single and Double Espresso Icons that can be adjusted with up or down arrows using touch screen , from 1 Oz (30ml), to 8 Oz (240ml).
  • Adjustable water temperature up to 90C maximum
  • Conical Burr Grinder with grind fineness adjustment knob inside the bean container
  • ESC escape icon on the lower right side of the screen to terminate any in progress function, if needed.
  • 120V; 60 Hz; 1350 Watts
  • Dimensions: 11 inch Wide; 16.75 inch Deep; 14.5 inch Height
  • Simple and compact design using 15% fewer parts than popular brand machines without compromising quality, resulting in less breakdown.

solis master 5000 silver1.png 


ultra one touch image .3.png 

palazzo espresso.jpg 

Solis Master 5000 

Solis Master 5000 Digital

Solis Ultra One Touch

Solis Palazzo

Solis model Master 5000 design is identical to some Saeco models. Solis M5000 parts and technical information is placed below. To order parts use the link Online Store

Solis Master 5000 Digital model is a rapid steam model with LED display. It is a fully automatic machine made by Saeco for Solis   

New ULTRA OneTouch has not been sold in USA. It is a replica of Saeco Royal One Touch. See ULTRA Manual download file below 

Solis Palazzo internal design and parts are identical to Saeco Vspresso. For Palazzo selected parts, use the link Online store.

When Solis parts are not available or the repairs do not justify the high cost, we offer a trade-in option. Select from GAMEA Revo fully automatic espresso machine or Saeco Royal One Touch Cappuccino machine.

Click here to order Solis Espresso Machine Parts

Solis M5000 information





Manual Solis M5000

Solis M5000 parts diagram

Solis M5000 Tubular boiler

Wiring Vienna non RS (Solis M5000)

M5000 Digital infomration




Manual M5000 Digital

Diagram M5000 Digital

Wiring Vienna Digital (same as) M5000 Digital Non RS

Soils Palazzo information





Manual Solis Palazzo

Manual Palazzo & Saeco Vspresso

Diagram Solis Palazzo Rapid steam

Wiring Vspresso (same as) Solis Palazzo



 Grinder diagram SUP018 M5000

 Manual Solis ULTRA One Touch

Technical information






Espresso DO & DON'Ts

Descaling guide

Priming dry pump

Steam valve kit Palazzo

Replace water inlet gasket

Please check Solis parts display on our Internet store

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caffebella(1) (2).jpg


caffebellabuy6getonefree(1) (3).jpg

Guru's Choice (12 oz. bag): 95% Arabica blend, medium roast, non-oily beans. Buy three bags, get one free. Free shipping in the USA.

Caffe Bella (2.2 lbs. bag) 100% Arabica blend. Free shipping in the USA.

Espresso Sampler Pack: 2.2 lbs.Caffe Bella + 2x12 oz. Guru's Choice. Free shipping in the USA.

Caffe Bella (6 x 2.2 lbs. bag): 100% Arabica blend, buy six bags and get one free. Free shipping in the USA.

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Buy now

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