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Smoothie Base Mix

Guru's Choice Vanilla Shake - Smoothie Base

 Vanilla Shake is a flavored and sweetened non-dairy creamer. It is formulated with coconut oil base to facilitate easy dissolving in water and to eliminate any unpleasant taste. It adds creamy consistency and enhances flavor profile, when added in any beverage recipe.         

e-mail your inquiries to granita@rcn.com            

 Guru's Choice Smoothie dry Base is shelf stable and available in convenient packaging of 20 x 1-lb plastic bags per case.

1 to 9 cases    = $60.00 per case Shipping free

10 to 19 cases   = $50.00 per case (shipping free)

      21 & over   = $45.00 per case (shipping free)

 Guru's Choice Vanilla shake is a versatile product that can be used in the following applications:                                             

 1- As a flavored Smoothie base: Dissolve one packet of 1-lb Vanilla shake in 1/2 gallons of water and freeze in slush dispenser or a granita machine. Mix any fruit flavor in the frozen Vanilla shake to serve as delicious smoothie drink. This method allows unlimited options to serve fruit flavored smoothies. Use Guru's Choice shelf stable puree syrups for best results.

 2- As a base for blended Smoothies: Use just  one oz. Vanilla shake and blend with any combination of fruit or coffee ingredients. Vanilla shake enhances over all taste profile and adds thicker consistency to the drink.

 Guru's Choice Banana puree syrup offers a convenient alternative for Banana. (Ideal choice for Outdoor events where use of fruit may not be easy to handle).

 3- As Frozen or Iced Cappuccino: Dissolve 1-lb. Vanilla shake in 1/2 gallon regular coffee (cold left over coffee will be fine) and freeze in a Slush dispenser or a Granita machine. To serve as Mocha just add Chocolate before freezing.

 4- As Iced Latte: If a slush machine is not available, Vanilla shake can be mixed with regular coffee and refrigerated. Serve Iced Vanilla Latte over ice. It makes a popular drink with strong coffee taste. To serve as Mocha Latte, add Chocolate to desired taste.                                                                                
Order a sampler pack with 5x1-lb bags for only $15.00.
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