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       Quick Mill Espresso

qm logo - 50.jpg

Quick Mill fully automatic espresso machines - made to last for years


Engineered for excellence, durablility & minimum maintenance

designed to serve the most discriminating customers 

The Quick Mill models are engineered with a passion for quality and durability. The internal design is all steel. It is convenience to operate, quiet and easy to maintain. Services Unlimited, Inc./Parts Guru is proud to offer Quick Mill fully automatic machines, backed with the best after sales support and availability of parts.


 Quick Mill machines are built with smart  features:

 From grinder to brewing mechanism: the ground coffee feeds directly from the grinder into the tamping cup for immediate use of coffee grounds. This eliminates the doser,  and disturbing 'click clack' sound.

 Brewing mechanism:  the electro-mechanical brewing assembly is all steel construction (see picture bottom right). This eliminates the removable brew group with  plastic parts and many reasons for breakdowns.

 The heat exchanger: a solid diecast seamless thermoblock with embedded copper tubes eliminates leakage. It heats water in less than one minute (40-55 seconds). There is never any stagnant water in the system and every beverage is made from fresh instantly heated water.

 Direct water feed system: The water from the tank to the pump is connected directly with an inline filter (No valves or gaskets to worry about). A descaling cartridge (good for 1200 servings) comes with the machine. Replacing cartridge every 9-12 months takes just 1 minute. 

 The Electronic control: Quick Mill uses extremely reliable Electronic control card for programming and control  of automatic functions. The  design positions this card away from any contact with water or steam to prevent water damage.



07000 michelangelo--.jpg 07100 qm piccaso bc1.png

All Stainless Espresso capsule machine 06001

 Michelangelo Model 07000

 Picasso Model 07100

Internal design - all steel - made to last for years         

 capsule pf.jpg

internal mechanics.jpg

qb tamping mechanism side view.jpg

tamping mechanism front-.jpg

 QM Patented portafilter for espresso Capsule. Used in model 06001

 Internal machine assy.

 QM brewing mechanism side view- All metal. Heavy duty 

QM Brewing mechanism

bc-3 bell shaped cup stainless 3-oz.50.jpg

 eps20 frothing pitchers  18-8 ss 20-oz.1.jpg 

 cpalf57 aluminum coffee press 57mm-1.png

 dsc1200 decalcification cartridge--.jpg

best descaler dsc-6-2.jpg

 ccl pack of 2.jpg

 frothing thermometer.jpeg

 BC3 Espresso cup 3-Oz.

 EPS20 Steaming pitcher 20-Oz

 CPALF57 Coffee Press Aluminum 57mm

 DC1200 Descaler cartridge

 DSC6/2 Descaling chemical 2x6pack

CCL - Coffee Cleaning liquid

 THFR17 Frothing thermo- meter 30-220F

Imported from Italy by 

 Services Unlimited, Inc./ Parts Guru

 650 N.Cannon Ave., Lansdale, PA 19446

 Phone: 215-361-7000; Fax: 215-361-7434; e-mail: granita@rcn.com

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