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Charisma Grinder adjustment

Please note: PulyCaf, Cafiza and CleanCaf are only for cleaning coffee and back flushing commercial machines. If you are using these two as descaling chemicals it can harm the machine.

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The instructions below, apply to the following models:

Caffe Charisma, Gaggia's Syncrony Compact, Spidem's Divina, Divina Deluxe and Divina Digital

Italia & Incanto Grinder Cleaning

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Saeco Italia Grinder Cleaning Instructions




Step-1: Remove beans that are in the bean hopper without spilling them inside. (Use Vacuum).


Step-2: Remove the beans container by removing 3 phillips head screws. Remove the rubber gasket from below the hopper. At this stage the upper burr will be visible.


Step-3: Rotate counter-clockwise the outer ring of the grinder assembly (the ring has gears half way around), until the red mark is at the 9 o’clock position, looking at it from the front of the machine.


Step-4: Lift the upper burr by using the fins that are on top. Press lightly on the doser adjustment gear, to clear it from the dose adjustment gear.



            At this stage, the grinding chamber will be exposed. Clean out any crushed coffee in the grinder chamber and the burrs. Use Vacuum and cleaning brush.


To Re-Assemble


Step-1: With the red mark on the outer ring still at the 9 o’clock position, replace the upper burr back into the grinder. Make sure that the red line (on the upper burr) is at the 3 o’clock position. This position will align the other tabs as well. During re-installation, press slightly on the doser adjustment gear so the upper burr will clear it as it is placed back in.


Step-2: With the Upper burr in place, rotate the outer ring clockwise until it stops. The two red marks should be aligned at the 3 o’clock position underneath the doser adjustment gear.


Step-3: Replace the soft rubber gasket back on the upper burr. Use the fins to align it properly.


Step-4: Slide the doser adjustment gear toward the front of the machine until it stops.


Step-5: Before replacing the bean hopper, rotate the grinder adjustment wheel to Zero (0), and the doser adjustment wheel to Minus symbol (-). Place the bean hopper into position on the machine, slightly adjusting each adjustment wheel as you are placing it down in the machine. Once in place, fasten the bean container with the 3 screws. Test each adjustment wheel through the full range of motion. The grinder knob rotates from 0 to 18 and back, and doser knob from Minus (-) to Plus (+) and back.


Now position the grinder adjustment knob at Eight (8) and the doser adjustment knob to the halfway point between the Plus (+) and the Minus (-) marks. This will put the machine back to the factory setting.


When using for the first time after adjusting the grinder, it may take more than one grinding cycles to make the first cup of coffee.


If there are any questions, please call Services Unlimited, Inc. at  1-888-950-4878 or e-mail at granita@rcn.com.

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