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Commercial Orange juicer


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 Parts Guru  - Orange Juicer

Reliable, Efficient and fast


Innovative, Modern soft touch push-button panel.

Heavy duty citrus juicer.

Ventilated motor with reduced RPM to maintain the quality of the juice.

Extremely professional.


Immediate disassembly(no screws).

 Supplied with two reaming cones: a small one for lemons and small oranges and another one for grapefruits and bigger oranges.

 Reaming cone/strainer as a one-piece unit in food approved resin. Housing: casting of anodized aluminium with satin finish.

               Dimensions: 13.5 x 13.5 x 21"        Weight: 18.5-lbs.                Electric: 110V 1-Amps or 230V       Speed: 700 R.P.M

Price: US$990.00 plus shipping.

Parts Diagram

sicilia parts diagram.jpg


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