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New Baby Gaggia

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Gaggia online store 

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Cleaning supplies





  New Baby Class Rapid steam -  parts only

 New Baby Twin Rapid steam

Baby Millennium Parts only

 New Baby Gaggia -  Parts only 

Cafiza and CleanCaf  are coffee cleaners not descalers. 

file_image.cmp  Operating manual

  file_image.cmp   Parts diagram New Baby Gaggia 2002 

       file_image.cmp     Parts diagram New Baby Gaggia 2006

     file_image.cmp       New Baby Class 2006

    file_image.cmp     Manual New Baby Twin

    file_image.cmp    Parts  Diag. New Baby Twin

     file_image.cmp      New Baby Wiring diagram


Download File  Descaling espresso 

   file_image.cmp   Espresso DO's & DON'Ts

   file_image.cmp    Gaggia Perfect crema filter

          ccoffeecup1.cm2             All about espresso 

 Gaggia crema disc is a tool that allows pre-infusion delay and builds extraction pressure to 9 Bars

To pull classic shots of espresso, using the crema disc, do not use fine powdery grind or press.

Reduced extraction time of 10 sec. or less eliminates burnt and bitter tasting espresso.

 Special instructions: When using ground coffee, use coarser grind like the size of table salt grain. Do not tamp. Just level the cup with   coffee grounds and lock the Portafilter into the group ring. Pull the handle all the way to the right. Turn espresso hot water switch on.  Crema disc delays extraction (pre-infusion) and builds extraction pressure to 9 bars). Always pull shots of 2-Oz. only.

Use  French Press to prepare best tasting Americana coffee.

       Use information on this page at your own risk. Gaggia, its affiliates and dealers are not responsibe for errors or any damage.

cpalf57 aluminum coffee press 57mm-1.png


eps20 frothing pitchers  18-8 ss 20-oz..jpg eps20 frothing pitchers  18-8 ss 20-oz.1.jpg bc-3 bell shaped cup stainless 3-oz.50.jpg

frothing thermometer.jpeg

 Coffee press Aluminum 57mm

 Cremina steamer & auto frother

 EPS50 Steaming pitcher 50-Oz.  

 EPS20 Steaming pitcher 20-Oz. 

 BC3 Bell espresso cup 3-Oz.

 17THFR Frothing thermometer

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1-cup filter basket.jpg

 21000491  gaggia 2-cup filter with perfect crema disc sm.jpg


gg0138-01-a  crema disc.jpg

 6301004011 gaggia portafilter single spout.jpg

6301004010 2-way spout red..jpg

NF08/005  Gaggia 2-cup filter 12-14G 

 NF08/004 1-cup filter basket 6-7 gm.

21000491 Perfect crema filter

GG0138/01/A Gaggia Crema disc 

 6301004011 Single spout

6301004010 2-way spout

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 dm1040 gaggia thermofuse.jpg

 dm-1168 gaggia coffee thermostat 107c.jpg

dm-1288 gaggia steam thermostat l=145c.jpg 

ef.0030-a gaggia boiler upper 115v.jpg 

dy0036-ab shower screen holding plate brass.jpg

dy0036a screen holding plate.jpg

 DM-1040 Thermofuse

 DM-1168 Thermostat water L=107C

 DM1288 Thermostat steam  L=145C

 EF0030/A Heating element 120V

DY0036/AB Screen holding plate Brass.

DY0036/A Screen holding plate Aluminum

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 buy now1.jpgx

 buy now1.jpgx

 buy now1.jpgx

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buy now1.jpg

 ng01-001-k2 head gasket+lube.jpg

gaggia 2-cuo portafilter.jpg

b0211a handle gagia portafilter.png

gaggia handle for baby3.jpg

 gg-6k maint 6-pc. kit.jpg

dsc1200 decalcification cartridge--.png 

Group gasket NG01/001 with food grade lube 1-Oz.

 8301005010 Portafilte 2-cup  filter+double spout

DY0006 Handle for Portafilter 

RE0002 Grip handle (round) 

Gaggia gasket 6-pc. Kit 

0500DC Descaler cartridge for 1200 espresso

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dm1792 ulka 110v 48w.jpg

a-10393a oscillating pump 220v with thermal fuse.png

b0053 nut +gg0120-a elbow connection-.jpg

b-0173 baby gaggia water tank.jpg

ssg-2 kit - 2-cup filter + group gasket tn.jpg

 b-147-a water inlet with opv.jpg

DM1792 Ulka pump 110V 15 Bar

DM1792/120/T100 Pump  120V with thermostat

 B0053 Pump hose connection Elow

 B-173 Water tank Baby 

DM0704 Diffusion screen+ Group gasket

 B0147/A Waater inlet with OPV

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4-pack coffee white back31.png

 bristot logo+bag red.jpg

lavazza pienaroma 1-kilo bag.png

 lavazza super crema 1-kilo bag.png

 lge lavazza grand'espresso -kilo bag.jpg

sampler pack1.png

 Medium roast non- oily  Espresso Beans 4x12-oz. $29.85 free shipping

 Bristot imported Italian espresso one  Kilo Bag $19.90 Free shipping  Lavazza 100% Arabica beans medium roast Pienaroma. Free shipping

 Lavazza Super Crema medium roast.Smooth blend . Free shipping

 Lavazza Grand' Espresso medium roast. Free shipping     3-Kg Sampler with Lavazza Grand espresso,Bristot & Super Crema 

buy now1.jpg

buy now1.jpg

buy now1.jpg 

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suction filter + tube.png

8301003000 gaggia pump outlet with opv.jpg

dm1645-002 gaggia elektrovalve 120v.jpg

b0111 gaggia water inlet.jpg

b0170 baby gaggia group body (solenoid type).png

Filter with 12" hose

8332003000 Pump outlet with OPV

DM1645/002 Solenoid valve 120V

CF0111 Water inlet fitting

B0171 Group body (Solenoid)

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 dm1693-120 automatica on-off switch 120v.jpg

530.100.2000 baby gaggia coffee switch tn.jpg

5301003000 baby gaggia heater on.jpg

5301004000 baby gaggia steam switch.jpg

5301002000 coffee switch red baby.jpg

5301001000 on-off switch red.jpg

b0185-a baby steam knob.jpg

  5301001000 On-Off switch

5301002000 Coffee switch


5301004000 Steam switch 

5301002000/R Coffee switch Red

5301001000/R On-Off switch

B0185/A Steam knob assy.

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b0116 grid drip tray baby (no tray).png

b0093 drip tray  (no grid).png

 b0130 cover water tank+descaler.jpg

b-00153a gaggia steam valve vertical.jpg

 227431350 turbo pannarello.png

 B0116 Grid drip tray (no tray)

 B0093 Drip tray (no grid)

 B0130 Cover water tank

 B00153/A Steam valve +O-ring

227431350 Turbo Pannarello

 buy now1.jpg

 buy now1.jpg

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boiler bolts.jpg


227431321 all chrome pannarello-2.png

UNI5931-6-16 Boiler bolts


227431321 Pannarello all Chrome

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 buy now1.jpg

 buy now1.jpgx


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