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    Magic Deluxe   Inernal Repairs  
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Removing top cover of  Magic Deluxe

for replacing internal parts

The guidelines below are for persons with some experience is repairs. All others should do so at their own risk and not try to hold Services Unlimited, Parts Guru, its staff or associates responsible in any way for material or bodily damage.


Removing the top cover is easy if proper tools are available. Specific tools include

1- Torx screw driver (star shape screw head instead of  Philip head)

2- Philip screw driver  one lond and one short    3- Nose Pliers   4- A test meter (analog or Digital)

5- A small magnet that is strong enough to pick weight of a teaspoon.  6- A 1/4" plastic tube, 3 to 4 ft long.   7- Vaccum cleaner with narrow long nozzle.

8- Exploded diagram of internal parts   9- Wiring diagram


Removing the top cover:  To remove the top 1- Remove water tank. 

2- Remove two philip screws to lift the bean hopper out.

3- Remove the grind adjustment lever. For the grind adjustment lever place your two index fingers below the bottom of the lever and pull up from both sides. (Check instructions for adjusting and cleaning the grinder illustrated instructions on the web site). 

4- Remove two Torx located on the rear edge, under the water tank. 

5- Remove two philip screws, one on each corner in the front, below the front edge of top cover.  


Pull the cover up by lifting it about 1/2" from the back and moving it to the front to free it from the steam knob and the touch pad. Lift the steam pipe to its top to slide it out through the slot as you free the top cover. A wire connecting the hot plate with electronic board will still be attached and will limit the complete removal of the top. Do not disconnect the wire. Lay the top towards the back of the machine. Now the entire machine is exposed for open-heart surgery.


To find leaks, machine has to be operated. To operate the machine in this condition (top removed), water connection has to be established and the water level sensor activated, to cheat the electronic circuit board to sense the tank is in place with enough water.


 To connect the machine with source of water, separate the plastic tube from its connection to the water inlet from the tank(bottom rear of the top cover). The other end of this tube connects the Flowmeter with an in-line filter in between. Connect the 1/4" plastic tube by inserting it into this soft silicone tube on one end and dip the other end of the 1/4" plastic tube in a bottle with clean water. Make sure that the tube stays immersed deep into the bottom of the bottle and held with a plug to prevent it from slipping above the water level inside the bottle.


Place the magnet next to the water level sensor. It is a white rectangular piece (1' x 1/2" x 1/4") located between the water tank and the grinder. If the magnet is not properly placed next to the level sensor, the no water light will be on when the machine is plugged into the lectric outlet. If so, the position of the magnet can be jiggled until the no water water light goes off.


Make sure that the door is closed with brew unit in place. The drip tray and the dump box are in place correctly inserted.

The machine is now readyto be powered up and tested.


T operate the pump, turn the steam knob open. As the pump works, any leakage can be noted immediately. Protect the electronic board from steam or stream of leaking water aimed towards it. Machine can be testednext  by making a fake espresso (without coffee) to see if any faults can be spotted.

If no leakage is detected, the following components should be checked if any one is bad:


a- the thermostats mounted on the heat exchanger.

b- the solenoid valve coil near the pump. 

Subsequently, before replacing the top cover, make an espresso with coffee. To do so, hold the bean hopper on the grinder inlet and add enough beans in the bean hopper for one espresso (excess beans will spill around and may fall inside the machine and doser assembly. That can be a problem later, and also be difficult to clean, unless  a vacuum with long & narrow nozzle is available to remove beans from the bottom of the machine and around the doser assembly.


With the top cover removed, the inside parts can be inspected for leaks and replaced as necessary:


The Heat exchager, The Pump, The Flowmeter, the steam valve assembly, grinder and the Electronic circuit board. The decision to mess with the circuit board requires some knowledge of electrical wiring.



is $55.00 and the O-rings (NM02.028) are two for each Teflon hose going into and coming out of heat exchanger; and 2 O-rings in the Teflon hose connection  from the heat exchanger to the steam valve. There are two O-rings where the steam pipe connects to the steam valve and two in the hose coming out from the pump.

To remove the pump, try to avoid removing the pump mounting pads. Disconnect the 90 degree plastic connector with hose, from the rear of the pump.  To reduce the front-end length sliding out of the mounting pad, you may try to remove the pressure release valve. A brass fitting,  which is not a part of the pump. There is an O-ring at that joint which does not go bad as it deals with cold water only. In any case I will send you one. All in all there will be 9 O-rings at $1.25 each.

Make sure that you remove all and as many old O-rings as the new ones indicated above. Wet new O-rings with  lube before inserting. New O-rings will slide in easily.

Replacing the O-rings will be much easy if you removed the heat exchanger from the machine. The heat exchanger is mounted with only one bracket and two screws. You will need to disconnect wires going from heat exchanger to the electronic board. Before you can pull it out, you should make copious notes to remember each wire disconnected from the heat excnager or the electronic circuit board. There can be no directions from anyone  in that department if you end up with a lose wire and do not know where you pulled it from. In such a case the only way is to follow an electrical diagram.


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