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LaPavoni Pisa

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Espresso SI/PAB-16

LaPavoni espresso  machines

Millennium parts


 We repair PISA and sell parts. 

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 Owner's manual

   Exploded diagram

Wiring diagram

Have you descaled your espresso machine lately? It is the most important maintenance for all espresso machines. Cleancaf, Cafiza, Brew Rite, PulyCaff products contain only Bakers soda and are not descalers. Use Best descaler http://www.shop.partsguru.com/DSC6x2-Best-Descaler-for-removing-Calcium-sediment-DSC6x2.htm







Espresso DOs & DON'Ts 

Descaling home espresso 

 Manual priming of Pump

Water inlet valve 

bc-3 bell shaped cup stainless 3-oz.50.jpg

 eps20 frothing pitchers  18-8 ss 20-oz.1.jpg 

best descaler dsc-6-2.jpg

 ccl pack of 2.jpg

 frothing thermometer.jpeg

 BC3 Espresso cup 3-Oz.

 EPS20 Steaming pitcher 20-Oz

 DSC6/2 Descaling chemical 2x6pack

CCL - Coffee Cleaning liquid

THFR17 Frothing thermo- meter 30-220F 

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Click here to order Espressos beans 

 gce123 guru's choice espresso.jpg

caffe bella medium roast espresso beans1.png 



 Guru's Choice 95% Arabica blend, medium roast non oily espresso. 12-Oz. Bag. Buy three bags get one free. Shipping free in USA

Caffe Bella (2.2-lb bag)100% Arabica blend.  Shipping free in USA 

 Sampler pack. Includes one bag Caffe Bella and 2 bags of Guru's Choice espresso beans. Shipping free in USA.

Caffe Bella6 in 2.2-lb. bags.100% Arabica blend. Buy six bags and get one free. Free shipping in USA. 


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