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Commercial Juicers For Vegatables, Fruits & Citrus  
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Services Unlimited, Inc. offers the complete range of commercial juicers manufactured by Friul Company of Italy.
Friul Company started production in 1984 and quickly became a leader in the production of machines for extraction of natural juices and of pizza equipment.
Its develops new concepts and new technologies to propose always innovative products to its customers.
Friul Company is known in Italy and all around the world for its dynamism, its efficiency and its top quality and reliable products.
1984: beginning of the production of the dough sheeters which have been invented by Mr.Antonio Cimenti, president of the company. It is the starting point for a complete range of pizza equipment.
1987: the construction of a commercial juice extractor is decided to answer to the new dietetical requirements. The success of the model Iota is due to its top quality and technology. This first machine opens a new area for Friul Company.

01_iota_g small.jpg Img282.jpg 02_stromboli_g small.jpg

 Vegetable Juicer Model IOTA

 Iota + Blender


Vegetable Juicer Model IOTA
Works at 15.500 RPM and is the fastest on the world market. .

Extracts completely and very quickly the juice from fruit and vegetable without any alteration of the juice
Self-cleaning strainer
Double shredder-disc: one on the strainer and the other on the pestle.
Screw/blade to fix the strainer.
Safety closing system.
Round and central feeding hole(diameter 67mm).

Housing and cover: castings of anodized aluminium with its very attractive satin finish.
Mechanics completely in stainless steel.
Heavy duty citrus juicer.spremiagrumi_sicilia_p.jpg

Ventilated motor with reduced RPM in order not to affect the quality of the juice.
Extremely professional.
Immediate disassembly(no screws).

Supplied with two reaming cones: a small one for lemons and small oranges and another one for grapefruits and bigger oranges.
Reaming cone/strainer as a one-piece unit in food approved resin.
Housing: casting of anodized aluminium with its very attractive satin finish.

Extracts completely and very quickly the juice from fruit and vegetable without any alteration of the juice
Extremely powerful motor of 1200W.
Screw/blade to fix the strainer
Safety closing system and automatic motor brake in case of fortuitous opening of the machine.
Total safety: the machine stops every time the pestle is taken out of the feeding hole avoiding in this way any danger for the user's hands.
Central and round feeding hole(diameter: 87mm)

Housing and cover: casting of anodized aluminium with its very attractive satin finish.
Mechanics completely in stainless steel.

The only blender with all its mechanics in stainless steel, which can be completely disassembled by hand for a total cleaning(from the knife to the bearings support).
Hardened stainless steel blade, extremely strong.
Powerful motor of 500W.

Housing: casting of anodized aluminium of innovating conception.
Safety system: magnet on the cover.

Also crushes ice cubes(always adding some juice or other liquid).

Available with:
- Glass jug, classic and everlasting
- Polycarbonate jug, modern and shockproof
- Stainless steel jug, resistant for all situations.



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