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CCBFL4- Condenser repair kit $24.00      Add to cart

FGL-2 Food grade lube $15.00/pair     Add to cart  

 SSG-41 Stera-Sheen 4-lb.jar $20.00    Add to cart

T-24/7 Defrost timer $94.00 Add to cart


All-in-one Slush-Softserve Combo

If you are ready for a profitable business, we have the tool.
Serve a wide range of products single or in multiple choice
 combination. Here are the possibilities:
1- Serve two flavors of fruity slush drinks - 3-gal. in each hopper
2- Serve slush drink with Soft Ice cream topping
3- Blend slush+soft ice cream & serve a real smoothie the way it
should be. 
4- Transfer slush contents of one hopper in a freezer at 20C and serve
as scooped Italian Ice/Ice cone. 
 Dimensions: WxDxH = 33"x29"x60"     Wt.: 400-lbs.
 Slush mix hopper size:  3-gallons each.
 Electric 120V 2500Watts 
 Initial freezing time = Soft serve 15 min. 3-gal.. Slush 60 min./3-gal.
 Compressor: 2x0.75HP R404A one for Slush & one for Soft serve
 Slush machine ETL listed.

Priced to sell. $5800.00 plus shipping. We deliver to Miami forwarders for onward shipping to Caribbean, Mexico and Central & South American destinations.

Success is knocking the doors. Do not miss this opportunity. Call today or e-mail your inquiry to

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