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Coffee Grinders  

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Seaco Coffee Grinder

home grinder.jpgPrice $130.00


 Coffee Grinder Parts

For Seaco Vienna, Magic &Royal Line Espresso machines



Gaggia  - Model MDF  Home Coffee Grinder

(The best in its class for the size & price)


The Gaggia MDF Coffee Grinder is a burr grinder with a built in dosing chamber and a dispensing lever. Each pull of the dispensing lever dispenses 7gm ground coffee when the ground coffee is atleast half full.

Place the filter holder handle in the cradle and pull the dispensing lever once for a single shot of espresso and pull the lever twice for a double shot. Make sure that you are using the correct filter cups (one cup or two cup filter basket).

Grinding burrs can be adjusted to the desired fineness based on the type of espresso maker. Espresso makers with automatic pre-infusion (Saeco & Spidem espresso models), or portafilter handles with pre-infusion valves (Saeco  & Spidem portafilters), require two notches courser grind. There are 38 different grind settings in the MDF grinder to adjust fineness.

The Bean hopper holds 10 ounces of coffee beans. The ground coffee container holds 8 ounces of ground coffee. Fill the bean hopper enough to last 15 days. Grind enough coffee to serve 4 to six servings . Leaving larger quantities of ground coffee is not recommended.

Caution: Pre-ground coffee available in cans or brick-packs is not good for home model espresso machines - especially for fully automatic and pump operated models. It can damage the pump because it has to work very hard to pump water through powdery ground coffee).It makes over-extracted bitter espresso and will not make good crema. Leave that pre-ground coffee for commercial users. 

Even though this grinder is recommended for home use, it is heavy duty enough to be used in commercial locations. It has a 120V Heavy Duty Motor inside a metal casing and commercial grade grinding burrs. It is 8" wide and 13" tall.

Price: 220.00 plus shipping.




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