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plug in panarello.bmp

cappuccinatore black.png  Img166.gif

Pannarello $16.50

  Plug-in Pannarello $21.50

 Cappuccinatore Auto frother $32.00

Cappuccinatore + adapter & tube $38

Img1002.jpg Img271.png sterra-sheen sanitizer.png pack of 4 items red.bmp

Bunn Frother $220.00 

Food Grade Lube  2 x 4 oz  $15.00

Sanitizer 4-lb Jar $20 or 6x2oz  $9

4-pc. Cleaning supply kit $18.00

 img249 ulka ex5 pump.bmp Img904.png

img379 fluidotech pump.jpg

unic do-191 hp.valve another view.jpg

 Ulka Pump 40W $55.00

 Cosmec pump 70W  $74.00

Fluidotech Pump 220V 70W  $78.00

DO-191 HP UNIC Valve 

   Img193.png    img257 vane pump flange type.gif  pi-53n unic  pump + coupling.png

Vane pump Clamp style $110.00

 Vane pump Flange type $110

PI-53N UNIC Rotar pump with coupling

   img307 motor clamp type.jpg    faema flanged motor 220v 60hz 150w1.bmp     unic cn-648 dosing device.png  img299 flowmeter.jpg

Motor 115/220V Clamp type $195

 Motor 115/220v Flange type $195

CN-648 UNIC Dosing device

 Flow meter Gicar $58.00 1/4" FF

  Img913.bmp     Img133.jpg       3-way sol valve w-coil.jpg         2-way solenoid.bmp

Parker  coil WB4.5 $41.00

Parker  ZB09 solenoid coil  $24

Group solenoid $68.00 

 2-way solenoid 1/8"FF $48.00

img451 plastic tamper.jpg

 diffusion screen.bmp  head gasket unic.gif img253 scald protection clip.jpg

Plastic tamper $3.50

 Shower screen $12.00

 Group gasket 8, 8.5 & 9 mm  $7.00

 Steam wand clip $3.00

     img260 single spout.gif  2 cup spout.bmp  img290 double spout.jpg      img289 aluminum tamper.jpg

 Single spout 3/8" $7.00

Double spout 3/8" $9.00

Double spout 3/8" $8.00

 Aluminum tamper $5.50

  img449 manual tamper.gif        img300 pressurstat.jpg           img305 level probe.jpg vaccuum breaker valve.jpg

Manual tamper $35.00

 Pressure switch $110.00

Water  Level probe $14.00

 Vacuum breaker valve $ 9.00
 img283 1-cup filter.gif    saeco 2-cup filter.jpg  saeco pod adapter.jpg

ground coffee scoop 9991.040.150.jpg

Single cup filter $9.00

 Saeco filter cup $12.00

 Saeco Pod filter adapter $9.00

    Coffee Scoop    7 g. $3.00



kenta 1st & 2nd gears tn.bmp


 24/7 Defrost timer $95.00

 Halogen Lamp 12V $7.00

Kenta gears 1st ($42)& 2nd($48)  

Elco 1st gear $42 2nd gear $48

   Img136.png   Img276.png  Img198.png  Img186.png

 Std. On-Off Switch $7.00

 SPDT On-off-On Switch $13.00

 On-Off switch 22x30mm $8.50

 SPDT Switch 22x30mm $13.00

0226.551.663 grey.jpg  226.550.650 black.jpg  Img201.png


 Pressurized filter holder $48.00

 Gran crema filter holder $64.00

Steaming thermometer $9  

24V Light bulb $15.00 / pair

 cleaning brush.bmp

cond. fin comb small tn.bmp



 Group cleaning brush  $3.50

 Fin comb $10.00 /pair.

Saeco conical burrs $38.00 pair 

Condenser Brush $8.00/pair

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