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Gaggia Titanium E-Plus

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  Brew group

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Manual Titanium E-plus 

Titanium E-plus diagram 

Brew group diagram 

 Brew group maintenance

Wiring diagram


Titanium E-plus model SUP027YDR

 Power supply

Dimensions cm. (LxHxD) 


Water pump pressure 


Grind regulator 

Ground coffee doser 

E Plus System

 120V 60Hz 1250W

32 x 43 x 43

 10 kg

15 bar 





 Brewing group

Grams of coffee per cup 

Water tank capacity 

 Rapid Steam

Milk steamer 




 6-9 g

 2,3 liter. Removable


All Chrome  Pannarello

Swivel base 

Stainless Steel 

Titanium Plus fully preserves the aroma and the body of espresso with your personal taste preferences. The new E.PLUS System allows you to make three different strengths of coffee at the mere twist of a knob, in three different size selections. Whether it is an intense Italian “ristretto” or a long coffee, it delivers a truly unique creamy finish.  

 Improved SBS brew group with coffee adjustment  Seamless J-boiler heats water instantly  
 Improved brew group with coffee adjustment  Steam valve and hose connections better designed
 Better  Digital display simple and easy to read  Regular all Chrome Pannarello frother
 Better designed than Saeco's Odea, Talea & Primea  Easy to maintain than BMW designed models

Our price $1200.00. Price includes following specials:

Free shipping in USA. One year warranty for electrical parts and labor and limited time offer FREE Espresso beans for one year.

(12 bags of 1 Kilo (2.2-lbs.) Caffe bella 100% Arabica beans medium roast espresso beans) 

and generates dry steam.  or the optional for Cappuccinatore auto frother Strong frame and  We sell this mode

 The new Titanium E-Plus is equipped with smart brew group Part # 225820560. This brew group is adjustable with a knob on the

 front to increase or decrease the strength of coffee extraction. The knob increases or decreases the extraction pressure.

Espresso beans Online store

 gce123 guru's choice espresso.jpg

 caffe bella medium roast espresso beans1.png

caffe bella sampler1.png

caffe bella-10.png

Guru's Choice 95% Arabica blend, medium roast non oily espresso. 12-Oz. Bag. Buy three bags get one free. Shipping free in USA

Caffe Bella (2.2-lb bag)100% Arabica blend. Sweet, balanced and hint of chocolate.  Shipping free in USA 

 Sampler pack. 100% Arabica blend. Sweet, balanced & hint of chocolate. Includes one Caffe Bella & 2 bags of Guru's Choice espresso beans. Shipping free in USA.

Caffe Bella6 in 2.2-lb. bags.100% Arabica blend.Buy six bags and get one free. Free shipping in USA. 

buy now1.jpg

 buy now1.jpg=

buy now1.jpg

buy now1.jpg

Cleaning supplies Online store

 aqua prima water filter red.jpg

 cleaning supply kit small.jpg

best descaler dsc-6-2.jpg 

 ccl pack of 2.jpg

 227431321 all chrome pannarello-2.png

bv6 boiler valve kit21.jpg 

 223070200 Water filter


 DCS6-2 Best Descaler

 CCL2 Coffee cleaning liquid (Not a descaler)

 x227431321 All Chrome Pannarello

 BV-6 Boiler outlet valve 6-pc. kit 

 227471059 sbs brew group incanto sirius.jpg

282058855 new j-boiler assy. 220v.jpg

ulka pump with klixon 120v 52w1.jpg 

187730958 ulka pump 220v 50-6-hz 48w.png

227910750 gaggia new cappuccinatore.png 

 Brew group with coffee adjustment for Titanium E-plus, and Platinum models 

282135555 Tubular boiler 220V assy. complete

 187730958 Ulka Oscillating pump with Klixon 120V 52 Watts

187730958 Ulka Oscillating pump 220V 48W 

227910750 Cappuccinatore auto frother with elbow adapter

Titanium parts online

 229452100 - safety valve & pressure equaliser.png


titanium led display-2.png

 9979.a38 4x2mm l=150mm.png

sv-17 steam valve italia red..png 

229452100 Pressure equalizer & release valve x

 9979B30 Teflon hose 2x4 one end Compression nut & other end hairpin lock. Mention total length when ordering.x

192200500 (& 181555600) display LCD 20x2 Blue flat x

227474000 Teflon hose 2x4, 330 mm 7-7. Hairpin lock both ends. Mention overall length when ordering

SVM17 Steam valve kit 17-pc.

12000361 oetiler clamps 9mm.jpg

 12000361 oetiler clamps 9mm.jpg

14883200 transparent cover touch pad.png 

 8314023000 titanium e-plus faucet assy -.jpg

faucet titanium 2.png 

 12000096 Oetiker hose clamp 9.5 mm

 12000361 Oetiker hose clamp 9 mm

122883200 Transparent cover for touch panel 

 8312043000 E-plus faucet assembly kit

x142855450 Titanium faucet assy 

Titanium parts online

 226000100 new gear for incanto line.jpg

 146520100 ceramic burrs.png

grinder complete side view.png 

ceramic burr and grinder motor tn.jpg 

226000100 New gear for motor (Ceramic burr grinder) 

146520100 Ceramic burrs (pair)


 x286883658 Ceramic burr grinder complete assy. 120V DC

20000202 New Grinder motor kit 





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