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Gaggia Titanium E-Plus

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Manual Titanium E-plus 

Titanium E-plus diagram 

Brew group Titanium Plus

Wiring  diagram

Removing top cover Incanto models






 Espresso DOs & DON'Ts

Behind the brew group 

 Descaling guide

 Priming the pump

Install water inlet gasket 


 Gaggia automatic models are made by Saeco. Saeco Italia digital and Vspresso are equivalent models

Saeco USA offers 5 times better Warranty and after sales service. Parts are easily available.

We do not recommend or sell Gaggia espresso machines. We sell Gaggia parts



Titanium E-plus model SUP027YDR

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 The new Titanium E-Plus is equipped with smart brew group Part # 225820560. This brew group is adjustable with a knob on the

 front of faucet to increase or decrease the strength of coffee extraction. The knob increases or decreases the extraction pressure.

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 gce123 guru's choice espresso.jpg

caffe bella medium roast espresso beans1.png 



 Guru's Choice (12 oz. bag): 95% Arabica blend, medium roast, non-oily espresso beans. Buy three bags, get one free. Free shipping in the USA.

Caffe Bella (2.2 lbs. bag) 100% Arabica blend. Free shipping in the USA.

 Sampler Pack: includes one 2.2 lbs. bag of Caffe Bella and two 12 oz. bags of Guru's Choice espresso beans. Free shipping in the USA.

Caffe Bella (6 x 2.2 lbs. bag): 100% Arabica blend, buy six bags and get one free. Free shipping in the USA. 

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 aqua prima water filter red.jpg

 cleaning supply kit small.jpg

best descaler dsc-6-2.jpg 

 ccl pack of 2.jpg

 227431321 all chrome pannarello-2.png

 223070200 Water filter


DCS6-2 Best Descaler 

CCL2 Coffee cleaning liquid (Not a descaler) 

x227431321 All Chrome Pannarello 

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Titanium parts online

   . Online parts store for Gaggia models

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