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Gaggia Platinum Vogue and Swing

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 Saeco/Gaggia Brew groups 

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Platinum Event 

 Platinum Vision

Model SUP 034OR Platinum Vogue 

Model SUP 034NR  Platinum Swing

Model SUP 034BR  Platinum Swing up

 Review: Gaggia Platinum models introduced in 2006, offer interesting choice for convenience and quality of espresso. Rapid steam, electronic programmable controls are provided. Adjustable dose and adjustable intense quality of espresso and flavor (E-plus system) in the dispensing spout are new features. A second generation Ceramic burr grinder eliminates doser noise. Push button adjustment of drip tray lift mechanism are much highlighted features. Push button lift of drip tray for adjusting cup height.
 Platinum Event: Easy, practical attractive design: Gaggia Platinum Event offers a real Espresso at the touch of a button. User's of semi automatic models need to know what they are missing.
 Platinum Vision: The top model of the range - with exclusive touch screen for selection of espresso  and programming menu by a simple touch on the screen. A light press of the "cup lift" button adjusts the height of the drip tray allowing the use of different sizes of cups.
 Platinum Vogue: Offers the option to adjust the quantity of coffee in the cup and to use a button with coffee beans on it to fix the quantity of coffee beans to grind (optidose) for the perfect aroma. Model includes the manual drip tray lift for cup height, and Ceramic burr grinder and option for milk island.
 Platinum Swing: E-plus system helps easy turn of adjustment knob for brew adjustment. Offers easy  selection of the quantity, intensity and body of coffee in the cup. 
 Platinum Swing Up: The machine is characterized by a user friendly interface, just a swing to select a function. LCD display allows an easy to program  and control of all the functions.







 Manual Platinum Vision

Parts diagram Platinum Vision 

 Manual Platinum Vogue

Parts diagram Platinum Vogue 

Manual Platinum Swing

 Parts diagram Platinum Swing






Manual Platinum Swing Up 

 Parts diagram Platinum Swing Up

Espresso DOs & DON'Ts 

Descaling home espresso

Platinum Brew group diagram

odea frother parts red..jpg

 187720350 ulka pump ex-5 with 120v.jpg

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11007194+11001620 +11001621 Frother assy

 DM1792 Ulka pump w/out Klixon 120V

 226000300 Gear for gronder motor

11000511 Grinder motor kit 120V. Includes 226000300. Also #20000202

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Guru's Choice 95% Arabica blend, medium roast non oily espresso. 12-Oz. Bag. Buy three bags get one free. Shipping free in USA

Caffe Bella (2.2-lb bag)100% Arabica blend. Sweet, balanced and hint of chocolate.  Shipping free in USA 

 Sampler pack. 100% Arabica blend. Sweet, balanced & hint of chocolate. Includes one Caffe Bella & 2 bags of Guru's Choice espresso beans. Shipping free in USA.

Caffe Bella6 in 2.2-lb. bags.100% Arabica blend.Buy six bags and get one free. Free shipping in USA. 

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 buy now1.jpg=

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