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Fixing Traditional Home models
The information on this page is for use of technicians and experienced persons. All others do so at their own risk.  

Please Note: PulyCaf, Cafiza and CleanCaf are only for cleaning coffee and backflushing commercial machines. If you are using these as descaling chemicals,  it can harm the machine.

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Espresso Maintenance

Traditional Home Espresso Machines Have the Following Parts:

1. A brass or aluminum boiler (16 to 40 oz. capacity).

2. A boiler outlet valve to help increase the pressure of water, before it is pumped through coffee grounds.

3. An oscillating pump with or without external thermostat.

4. A steam valve with a knob to open & close steam/hot water outlet.

5. Thermostat to limit temperature of water or steam.

     Limit for espresso water temperature: 90C to 98C

     Limit for steam temperature: between 127C to 152C. 

6.  A thermofuse to shut power supply when temperature in the boiler exceeds the higher limit (usually 185C).

7.  Solenoid valve (selected Gaggia models only).

8.  A filter cup holder handle to place ground coffee for extraction of espresso.

espresso inn lusso eil.gif classic coffee.png espresso classico 7084.610.300 tn.png Img808.jpg

The pump models generally are easy to open. In most brands, the top cover is fixed with two to four screws. In the Barista/Rio Vapore models, the top cover curves around to the back and the top has two screws. The front end has about 1/3" 90 degree lip. This 90 degree lip is wedged between two plates. It may be necessary to use a long screw driver or other rod, pushed under the top cover, alternatively on either side of the machine to nudge the cover free and lift up. Note the slide along the left side in the picture below. Once the top cover is taken off, the entire internal set up can be viewed. The pictures below show two popular models:

1. Gaggia Model Espresso (without solenoid valve)

2. Saeco Espresso Classico (rapid steam model) 


gaggia espresso inside view-21.jpg

e.classico rs int parts picture -2.png

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