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Faby slush machine

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Owner's Manual

Parts diagram


Wiring diagram

Kenta gear motor 

Elco gear motor

Slush machine that keeps freezing when other brands quit.




Slush-sherbet machine. Its main features:   Strong built. A patented double mixing system,   maximum air flow, extremely easy to use and easy to clean, short freezing time, low power consumption, and attractive design. High performance even in the hottest temperature. Offers the possibility of mixing the syrup with alcohol. Functions well where other slush machines fail. environmmentally safe refrigerant. 

Slush-sherbet machine. Its main features:  Strong construction. A patented double mixing system. Maximum ventilation system. Very  easy to use and easy to clean. Short freezing time. Low power consumption. Modern and attractive design. The possibility of mixing the syrup with alcohol. High performance even in hot temperatures where other machines fail. Environmentally safe refrigerant.

Warranty: One year manufacturer's warranty for electrical parts and tech support.

Warranty: One year manufacturer's warranty for electrical parts.and tech support

New Faby 2                                                 Power 850 W (8.5 Amps)
Bowl capacity 10Lt each
Dimensions (LPH) 16" Wx19"Dx34"H
Net Weight 55 kg  (121 lbs.) Refrigerant: R 404

New Faby 3
Power absorbed 1100 W (11 Amps)
Bowl capacity 10Lt each
Dimensions (LPH) 600x480x840 mm
Net Weight 75 kg. Refrigerant:  R 404

To order Faby parts, please click here 

To order Faby machine, please click here


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