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Espresso Trade-in


 Trade-in your old, older or very old espresso maker, working or not.

 Receive $100.00 adjustment from purchase of machines from the following selection.

 Gaggia fully automatic machines are made by Saeco. We prefer Saeco machines over Gaggia models.

 After sale service for Gaggia models is unreliable and parts are not available.

 Purchase of new Saeco machine is covered by full manufacturer's warranty and parts

  service, recognized as the best in the industry.

Trade-in Your Old Machine for a New Machine 

 We recommend and sell Saeco espresso machines Vienna Plus and Royal Coffee Bar  Saeco models are better designed with more efficient built in Conical burr grinders. The models we sell are easy to maintain and fix. Parts are easily available . Best after sale service, repairs and tech support available.

 Trade-in your old unit (working or not) for $100.00 adjustment from purchase of one of the following espresso machines:

New best choice

New - Best Choice

New - Best Choice

New semiautomatic

 royal one touch.jpg

vienna plus silver -.jpg

royal coffee bar large ppic1.png

viavenezia redesigned_ss.png

Royal one touch latest model with 2-boilers, 2-pumps & 2- flowmeters

   Vienna Plus New Silver  SUP 018M One Year Warranty

Royal Coffee Bar Redesigned SUP 016RE(One  Year Warranty)

Via Venezia Redesigned

 more info

More info 

More info

More info 

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 Pre owned Royal office serves two sizes of programmed espresso and hot water for tea or hot chocolate drinks.Has large water tank and beans hopper, built-in Conical burr grinder At the push of a button, it grinds, compacts, pre-infuses and extracts espresso with 9 Bar pressure to dispense espresso in the cup. It has large water tank and bean hopper. Removable brew group and Dump box for used coffee makes it eassy to clean. There is no steam function. Plug it into a 120V electric ouutlet and start serving espresso withing 3 minutes. Ideal for offices and Catering parties.

The demo units are in stock (models slightly used and checked thoroughly to be in very good condition.

royal office.jpg

 Royal Office  

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caffebella(1) (2).jpg


caffebellabuy6getonefree(1) (3).jpg

Guru's Choice 95% Arabica blend med. roast. Buy 3 get one free. Free shipping in USA

Caffe Bella 100% Arabica blend med roast. 2.2lb. free shipping in USA

Sampler Caffe Bella one bag + 2 bags Guru's Choice Med. roast free shipping in USA

Caffe Bella 100% Arabica blend med. roast 2.2lb.Buy 6 get one free. Free shipping in USA

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Reasons to Consider a Trade-in for a New Espresso Machine:   

When the old espresso machine needs expensive repairs;

When you are ready to upgrade your old model to a new model;

 or You want to give a gift to yourself or to someone you love.

Trade-in any old espresso machine from the following manufacturer brands:


Capresso, Gaggia, Jura, LaPavoni, Saeco, Solis, Spidem, Pasquini, Francis Francis & Silvia 


 Adjust $100.00 from the purchase price of a new, fully automatic machine as listed above.  Parts and service are easily available.  


Old or VERY old espresso maker, working or not, is OK - machine should be clean & not stripped of parts. This offer is available for customers in USA only. Full manufacturer's warranty is covered in the price of the new machine.

 Please check availability of the model, before shipping your old machine.  Order Online

The old machine should be shipped to the address below. Please mark the box "For Trade-in."

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