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Elmeco First Class Slush Machine

 Online store

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elmeci 1st class-3.jpg

Please note Elmeco parts prices have increased significantly. The prices displayed on the list are old.







  Operating manual

1st Class parts list 2008

 Elco gear motor diagram

 Autofill system

 Defrost timer setting

  Troubleshooting guide

We do not sell Elmeco machines due to its design flaws.

Online parts store

4-pc. condenser cleaning kit tn.jpg

 food grade lubricant-.jpg

 ssg-41 sterasheen jars.jpg

 defrost timer 24-7.jpg

 CCBFL4- Condenser repair kit

 FGL-2 Food grade lube

 SSG-41 Stera-Sheen 4-lb.jar

 T-24/7 Defrost timer

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Elmeco parts Online store

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