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Starbucks Sirena

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Starbucks® Sirena™  Espresso Machine
Decades of inspiration. Years of design and engineering. All so you can pull the perfect shot, steam milk to a beautiful froth—and create your own latte at home. Easily.
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Starbucks Sirena

 Gaggia crema disc is a tool that allows pre-infusion delay and builds extraction pressure to 9 Bars

To pull classic shots of espresso, do not use fine powdery grind or press. Extraction time only 10 sec.

Reduced extraction time eliminates burnt and bitter tasting over extracted espresso

 Special instructions: When using ground coffee, use coarser grind like the size of table salt grain. Do not tamp. Just level the cup with coffee grounds and lock the Portafilter into the group ring. Pull the handle all the way to the right. Turn espresso hot water switch on.  Crema disc delays extraction (pre-infusion) and builds extraction pressure to 9 bars). Always pull shots of max. 2-Oz. only.

Use French Press to prepare best tasting Americana coffee.

cpalf57 aluminum coffee press 57mm-1.png


eps20 frothing pitchers  18-8 ss 20-oz..jpg

eps20 frothing pitchers  18-8 ss 20-oz.1.jpg

bc-3 bell shaped cup stainless 3-oz.50.jpg

frothing thermometer.jpeg

 Coffee press Aluminum 57mm

 Cremina steamer & auto frother

 EPS50 Steaming pitcher 50-Oz.  

 EPS20 Steaming pitcher 20-Oz. 

 BC3 Bell espresso cup 3-Oz.

 17THFR Frothing thermometer

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4-pack coffee white back31.png

 bristot logo+bag red.jpg

lavazza pienaroma 1-kilo bag.png

 lavazza super crema 1-kilo bag.png

 lge lavazza grand'espresso -kilo bag.jpg

sampler pack1.png

 Medium roast non-oily  Espresso Beans 4x12-oz. $29.85 free shipping buy now1.jpg

 Bristot imported Italian espresso one  Kilo Bag $19.90  buy now1.jpg

Lavazza 100% Arabica beans medium roast Pienaroma now1.jpg 

 Lavazza Super Crema 1-Kg. medium roastbuy now1.jpg

Lavazza Grand' Espresso 1-Kg. medium roast  buy now1.jpg

3-Kg Sampler with Lavazza Grand espresso,Bristot & Super Crema  buy now1.jpg

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