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       Coffee Bean Grinders  
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  Doge    Commercial grinder  $850.00 

 Virtuoso Conical Burr grinder for home $225.00

 Gaggia MDF Flat Burr Grinders $225.00

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Gaggia MDF Coffee grinder

The Gaggia MDF grinder is a small version of a commercial espresso grinder. It is designed as a commercial design in a smaller frame. It offers accuracy in grinding as well as easy dispensing of ground coffee direct into the filter cup holder.grade. It has grind adjustment in 34 grades from espresso to percolator grind requirements.


Doge Commercial Coffee Grinders

 Made in Italy, Doge grinders are amongst only three NSF-8 approved

Manufactured by Fiorenzato, Doge ommercial coffee grinders are made with steel, with a unique design for quality of grind and quiet operation. Doge grinders meet requirements of businesses in three options with specific size of burrs and speed. Very convenient to clean as the top burrs can be removed easily. Grinders have Dose counter for monitoring pulled doses per shift or as recorded.

doge manual grinder.jpg

Doge-63 - Doge-63 has 63 mm burr plate and 1400 R.P.M. It is designed for locations with coffee consumption average of 30-lbs. per shift.

Price $750.00. Add $75.00 for Grind Auto-stop models

Doge-83 - The Doge-83 grinder has 83 mm burr plate at a reduced 950 R.P.M. speed. With larger size of burr the speed is slower. It guarantees highest quality grind with quiet operation.

Price $950.00. Add $75.00 for auto stop models. 

Doge Conical Burr - The Conical burr option offers longer life and accurate grind. All other features are same as for Doge-63 and Doge-83 models.

Price $1800.00 (Special order only)

If you have questions or would like to order one, call 1-888-950-4878

Virtuoso Espresso Grinder with Conical Burrs

With the Virtuoso, it's now easier than ever to make professional quality coffee, whether at home, the office, or your café. Below are some of the Virtuoso's incredible features:

Precise, commercial-quality burrs:
Manufactured in Italy, the Virtuoso's burrs are of the same material and durability as the industry's highest-quality line of commercial conical burr coffee grinders.  The burrs rotate slowly minimizing the heat in the beans, to preserve the flavor.

       40mm commercial-grade conical burrs yield the consistent grind that is critical for a perfect espresso or brewed coffee extraction.

     Easily adjustable burrs can be calibrated to ensure accurate grind range from espresso to French press in 40 separate settings.

    Cast metal upper housing and base for beauty and stability.

      High efficiency motor is powerful and spins slowly resulting in cool, quiet operation.

     Special gear reduction to 600 RPM, along with new anti--static technology insures extremely low static.

     Timer switch for repeatable grinding time.

       Front-mounted pulse button makes it easy to grind directly into an espresso brew basket.

      New concise design of grinding chamber reduces coffee dust, making the removable burrs easy to clean.

      Powerful 6.0 amp motor.      8 oz. bean hopper      Large 5 oz. grounds bin.

       Dimension:     W x H x D     5" x 14" x 6"         Weight:          8.5 pounds


mdf coffee grindermod-2.jpg

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