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Cold Drink Dispensers


Crathco parts store

Crathco dispenser store 

E-mail inquiry to sales@partsguru.com

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Standard D15,D25, D35

Super bowl D-112

 Mini Quad E47

 Mini Twin  E27 

Best choice

Parts only

More flavors in smaller containers

For Small volume locations 



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jet spray tj3.bmp  jetspray j15.jpg  Img1920.jpg

Jet Spray JT20, JT30 Parts only

Jet Spray  TJ3 Parts only

  Jet Spray J15 Parts only

  Jet Spray EJ1  Parts only

Jet Spray Online store

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 2_20pe.jpg ugolini ht10_2al.jpg ht2021x1.jpg ugolini ht20-3.jpg


 Arctic 2-20

Ugolini HT10 

Ugolini HT20/2 

Ugolini HT20/3  

Ugolini Caddy-10 

 Parts only

Parts only 

Parts only 

Parts only 

Prts only 

Ugolini Online store

Ugolini parts online

4-pc. condenser cleaning kit tn.jpg

 food grade lubricant-.jpg

 ssg-41 sterasheen jars.jpg

 defrost timer 24-7.jpg

 CCBFL4- Condenser repair kit  FGL-2 Food grade lube  SSG-41 Stera-Sheen 4-lb.jar  T-24/7 Defrost timer

Buy now*

   Buy now*    

   Buy now*

Buy now*

 Spray Fountain style: Recommended for serving simple juices like Lemonade, Fruit punch without pulp or heavy ingredients. The drink is sprayed to the top like a fountain.  Agitator style: Agitator type of dispensers mix product  gently. Recommended for heavy liquids like Iced Latte, Cappuccino or pulpy juices, Iced tea etc. Crathco dispensers include agitator pump covers, as spare parts.   Whipper models: The whipper models whip product to generate froth just before dispensing into the cup. The whipper-switch is activated when the handle is pushed to dispense.

 Authorized dealers for dispensers, parts and service

 Services Unlimited, Inc./ Parts Guru

 650 North Cannon Avenue, Lansdale, PA 19446

 Phone: 215-361-7000; Fax: 215361-7434, e-mail: sales@partsguru.com

 Online store: www.shop.partsguru.com


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