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Astra Espresso Machines

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Equipment Price List

Manually Priming dry pump

Mega parts diagram only

Astra espresso specifications

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Astra line of espresso machines can be enhanced with any of these options which provide a wonderful blend of nostalgia and hi-tech.  These customized finish options are available for all the Mega series of commercial espresso machines. These units beckon to the era of Belle Epoque. Matching grinders are also available upon request.

The Mega-2 is a full size two group espresso machine. Standard with three steam wands and one hot water tap or two steam wands and two hot water taps. The perfect choice for busy coffee houses because of its high production capacity (480 cups per hour). Available in  220V, Automatic or Semi-automatic.





 mega 11 full.jpg

 gourmet auto 2gr compact.jpg

mega-ii extra large boiler.jpg 

 Extra large boiler & heating element. Best for high volume busy coffee houses Price see above

 Standard with 3 steam wands and 1 hot water valve.  Shown with optional stainless steel frame and panels. Optional single steam wand available

 Two Group Compact Size
Automatic or Manual. Use
where Space is Limited
Available in 110V or 220V

Shown with optional double automatic steam wands, with thermocouple sensor that stops the stream automatically at the desired temperature.

 Mega-II S 220V

Mega-II 220V

Mega-II Compact  110/220V

Mega-II Deluxe Full size 220V 

 Extra large boiler

 Extra large boiler


Auto steam shut off


Standard features on All Astra Commercial Machines

Self-tamping brewing machines.

Automatic models can be programmed by the user.
Pre-infusion capabilities. Microprocessor-controlled diagnostic system for quick troubleshooting.
Nickel-Plated copper boiler with lifetime warranty Internal oversized power breaker for added safety.
Brewing system with thermo-circulation and infusion provides absolute temperature consistency and quality coffee. When machine is turned "on" the heating element will not go on unless there is enough water in the boiler.
Vacuum valve to avoid milk from entering the boiler.

Two (2) year manufacturers limited warranty on parts except gaskets, knobs, and all wear parts (unless factory defective).

Automatic water fill. Motor will shut off if no water reached the Procon pump.
Modular construction makes Astra the easiest machine to service and maintain No electrical switch below the machine to avoid risk and hazard.
Internal quiet motor with rotary-vane Procon pump. All American brass flare fittings reduce future cost of service.
Automatic low-water shut-off switch with reset. Labor warranty through local distributor.


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caffebellabuy6getonefree(1) (3).jpg

Guru's Choice 95% Arabica blend med. roast. Buy 3 get one free. Free shipping in USA

Caffe Bella 100% Arabica blend med roast. 2.2lb. free shipping in USA

Sampler Caffe Bella one bag + 2 bags Guru's Choice Med. roast free shipping in USA

Caffe Bella 100% Arabica blend med. roast 2.2lb.Buy 6 get one free. Free shipping in USA

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